GeekyCon 2016 Tickets Are On Sale Soon and They’re More Affordable than Ever!

The nerdiest convention of the year is coming back in 2016, and it’s now easier than ever to go! Earlier this week it was announced that GeekyCon 2016 would take place from July 29-31, making it one day shorter than past cons. Our friends at Mischief Management have promised the event will contain just as much geeky goodness in three days as it did in four, but they sweetened the deal even further with the announcement of new, lower ticket prices.

One General GeekyCon registration will now cost $99, which is way down from the past $150. You can also snag a Lit pass for the same, low $99 price. Gen + Lit this year is $149, which is a dramatic drop in price from last year’s $250, and you can also snag a limited Rockstar pass for $249, down from last year’s $350. The price drop has made GeekyCon even more accessible for fans to get their annual dose of fandom, friendship, and fun.


GeekyCon 2016 is returning to Orlando next year and tickets will go on sale on December 5th at 1pm EST. Fans looking to snag a Rockstar pass should plan on purchasing right as they’re released as they’re expected to sell out very quickly, especially after the price drop. GeekyCon 2016 promises to be just as much fun as it was this year, so don’t wait to buy your ticket!

Keep your eyes on us or on the official GeekyCon Twitter or Facebook page for up-to-the-minute information regarding tickets, special guests, and other great bits of news about GeekyCon 2016. For now, tell us which registration you plan on purchasing in the comments!