Geek Bands Have a New Home

Good news for geek bands and fans of geeky music everywhere… there’s a new place for you to go looking. is designed as a database for geeky bands so that fans of the nerdier side of music have a place to go and discover new artists. Much like the wizard rock scene has our pals at The Wizrocklopedia to organize and discover various wizard artists, GeekBands aims to be the ultimate general resource for music fans. The site even serves as a great resource for Canadian geek bands getting started, with information on grants, a list of cons, and awards and contest opportunities.

Founded by the musical comedy duo Debs & Errol, who initially met through NaNoWriMo (we love Nano), GeekBands is a lovely solution to that problem we all face: where do I find more geeky music in my life?

With that in mind, they’ve released an awesome sampler album on Bandcamp, which you can check out below:


The website just launched and is expanding all the time. If you’re a Canadian geek band, make sure you submit your band so you can be included on the listing! If you’re a fan of nerdy music, have at it!