Game Of Thrones Halfway Done? No Way

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Game of Thrones is reported to be nearly halfway over, according to Digital Spy. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the books (the series will consist of seven novels) and rudimentary arithmetic can infer that, with seven seasons in total, the third season marks nearly the halfway point. Simply astounding investigative journalism, here.

Where the story actually gets interesting is the claim by D.B. Weiss that the number of season is yet to be determined, (with Executive Producer Frank Vogler claiming it will probably be seven in the same article) and that they don’t want the show to “outstay [its] welcome.” This makes perfect sense, given that the faithfulness to the books is one of the big reasons the show has done so well in the first place. If they were to attempt to capitalize on the success of the series by dragging it out, surely they would earn the wrath of their fans. Also, given that Game of Thrones already has more than enough content to work with, it wouldn’t make much sense to do in the first place.

What will be curious going forward is how Weiss and David Benioff decide to structure the seasons. Already, we see with season 3 that they’re breaking away from the books- covering the first half of A Storm of Swords while introducing plot elements from A Dance With Dragons and  A Feast For Crows. It’s perfectly arguable that the books are not written in the most logical way, with events happening in parallel or in the future or past depending on the book. By taking the books and ordering the events into a timeline, as Weiss and Benioff appear to be doing, they can cut down on much of the added weight and still fit the show into the seven seasons they have planned.

Or they could completely mess it up, the ratings will tank, AND THE SHOW WILL GET PREMATURELY CANCELLED. Who can say?


  • gwensdad

    Cancelled? Who do you think this is? FOX?

    • Brad Ausrotas

      LOL. Well played.