“Forever Yours” Heads for No. 1


Alex Day is attempting to reach Christmas No. 1 with “Forever Yours” on the UK music charts. If he makes it, Alex will be the first unsigned artist to top the UK charts.

Forever Yours” is Alex Day‘s latest single. Yesterday he released eight different versions of the song on iTunes in addition to the original “Forever Yours” – of which all proceeds go to the World Vision charity. There are three more versions expected in the upcoming week.

By buying one copy of each song on iTunes, you can contribute a total of twelve times to Alex’s rise on the music charts. He is currently a top contender for No. 1. Links to each version of the song may be found below. LeakyNews will update this article when the final three versions are released!

1. Forever Yours
2. Demo Version
3. Live Piano Version
4. Instrumental
5. Vocal Remix
6. Lastufka Remix
7. Tom Milsom Remix
8. Eddplant Remix
9. Stefan Chin Remix
10. 8-bit Blue Version
11. BillTV-Mickeleh Remix
12. Charlie Went Mad Remix
13. Matt Maggiacomo Dancepunk Remix

  • Marzipan_spliff

    I’m Martik, an 18 year old avid follower of alex and his channel (No I’m not a stalker, I just watch his videos) and a musician.. got to say Alex’s song is pretty sweeeet! Bought it and contributed to this grand scheme! If he tops the charts, I have agreed to run in a thong through York holding a parasol shouting “bring out your dead!”. Hope it works, otherwise I got this parasol feh nuthin.. Anyway off for a crumpet, good luck Alex!

  • Megstaz

    Alex is amazing, please buy his single’s!

  • Socorrolime

    Alex is incredible, you will love at least one version of this song I guarantee it

  • Samchu93

    I love Forever Yours, But I only brought the versions I liked (Still that’s 4 plus awaiting Charlie’s version) If he gets to number one I have vowed to get the Nermie Army logo tattooed on me (God knows where yet my arm probably) Good Luck Alex!

  • Hi

    Alex is an amazing YouTuber with a lot of talent and potential. He has released a great song that has a lot of meaning to it, unlike a lot of the songs out today. Please, if you haven’t already, consider buying his song, or at least listen to it; there is bound to be a version you like. All the proceeds are going to World Vision, a charity that helps children in Africa. Get in the Christmas spirit and buy the song, because it is for a good cause!

  • Emily

    My favorite is the Live Piano Version…so emotionally resonant. His lyrics are really true and thoughtful and always bring tears to my eyes. He works so hard on everything he does and it would be really amazing to get him to No. 1, he deserves it more than anyone else. Even if you don’t like his music, you can’t deny that it is really selfless to donate all of those proceeds to charity. Love you, Alex! Good luck from Texas!

  • Alicia

    GOOD LUCK ALEX!!! I HOPE YOU GET #1!!!!!!!!!!!

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