The Force Awakens Is Getting a Star Trek Beyond Trailer


Fans might not have been waiting quite as long for a new Star Trek movie as they have for the new Star Wars, but that wait is about to get a little easier. When The Force Awakens hits theaters next week, fans will get their first look at the third Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Star Trek Beyond is the first film to secure a prized trailer slot before The Force Awakens. It’s somewhat unsurprising, as the new Trek movie is still being produced by J.J. Abrmas, who left the franchise after Star Trek: Into Darkness to helm The Force Awakens.

It’s no exaggeration to say we know next to nothing about the story of Star Trek Beyond, penned by one of its main stars Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. So far, all we’ve learned about the film is that it will take place into the Enterprise’s first five-year deep space mission. This new trailer will be our first glimpse of the movie, and will hopefully shed some light on its plot.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres December 18, while Star Trek Beyond won’t be hitting the big screen until July 22, 2016.