The Flash 2×16 Recap — Trajectory

The Crimson Criminal

The portal to Earth 2 might be closed, but Team Flash hasn’t yet gotten over the things they experienced while they were there, nor have they forgotten the sharp sting of Jay’s apparent death. They’re working hard on making Barry faster, no matter what risk it might involve, but it’s not going according to plan. Plus, Jessie is trying to acclimate to her new universe and all the quirks that come with it (Beyonce is a senator on Earth 2???). It’s all a lot to deal with, and to relieve a little stress, the gang heads out to a club for a little fun.

It’s all drinks and dancing plus a little flirtation between Jessie and Wally until a mysterious speedster crashes the party. A red and yellow blur tears through the club and before anyone realizes what’s happening all of the cash registers in the building have been cleaned out and everyone’s purses have been nabbed. Barry is quick to pursue the thief, but barely catches a glimpse before they speed off ahead of him without any trouble.

It’s not a good piece of PR for the Flash. The Picture News wastes no time in dragging his name through the mud, and Iris even gets roped into writing a smear piece on him. The gang needs to unmask the true speedster or else face a city turned completely against its hero.

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Velocity 9

They first need to determine how another speedster could even exist. Barry doesn’t understand how she could have gotten her powers without a particle accelerator explosion, but Caitlin does. She  reveals the existence of Velocity 9, a drug she’s been working on to enhance speed. It was meant to make Barry faster, but proved too dangerous and unstable. It couldn’t even save Jay. Barry is upset to learn that he was never given the chance to take it, especially since it could’ve saved lives on Earth 2.

Now that they know what could be responsible for this new speedster’s existence they have to figure out how this person even managed to manufacture it. Caitlin has an idea, though. She had sought out help from an old colleague at Mercury Labs, Eliza Harmon, when developing the serum for Jay and it’s possible she may have reverse engineered her own V9 from what little she learned from Caitlin. They investigate her at work, but nothing seems too suspicious.

Once the team leaves, however, the truth is unveiled. Eliza has an alter-ego ruled by V9 named Trajectory and she wants nothing more than to get her hands on more of the drug. She breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs and holds a gun to Jessie’s head until Wells and Caitlin manufacture some more for her. She shoots up again and uses her super speed to tear apart a bridge, and Barry is only barely able to make it in time to save some civilians.

He stands on one end of the destroyed bridge while Trajectory stands on another, and Barry knows his only chance is to speed across the chasm to reach her. Problem is, he’s never been able to do it before…but when has that ever stopped the Flash? He channels all of his strength and focus into achieving mach 3.3 and manages to make it across the gap, tackling Trajectory to the ground. He tries to talk some sense into her, but she just pulls out another syringe and shoots up again before taking off. She doesn’t get very far before she literally falls apart in a flash of blue lightning.

Sound familiar?

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A Father’s Love

Trajectory may be gone, but it doesn’t erase the damage she caused. Wells has been protective of Jessie ever since they made it out of Earth 2, but she’s beginning to think he’s gone too far. Before heading to the club e slapped a tracker onto her wrist, which later opened up to reveal a recording of him swearing to do anything — even kill — to save her.

Jessie is disturbed and can’t understand why her dad would go to such great lengths to protect her. She’s even furious when he manufactures the V9 for Trajectory to save her, putting potentially thousands of lives at risk. He insists that he’d do anything for her, and she can’t get him to see why his blind determination has taken a dark turn. In the end, she leaves Central City for Opal City, where we may soon see her adopt a metahuman identity of her own.

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The Truth Revealed

After Barry tells the team about what happened to Trajectory as she met her demise, they can’t help but think about where else they’ve seen blue sparks of lightning on a speedster…Zoom. His lightning has never been red and yellow like Barry’s, and once they put two and two together they realize that the blue lightning must be the sign of a dying speedster, and who does that sound like? Jay.

At first they won’t believe it. After all, they saw Zoom kill Jay, but Barry points out that it wouldn’t be the first time a speedster was seen twice in one place. They can’t help but wonder if Jay had been trying to steal Barry’s speed for his own survival all alone. There’s just one piece to the puzzle missing, and that’s proof.

Cisco reveals that he’s been getting weird vibes of Zoom for days now, and every time it’s been near Jay’s old helmet. They crack the glass case open and Cisco finally takes the helmet into his hands and sees what they were all dreading — Zoom removing his mask to reveal Jay Garrick.


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