Fixing Glee (Why I Hated ‘Asian F’)

A little background from the editors: the whole Internet – if you’ve been reading most news sites or Twitter and Facebook, even our own FB and Twitter – seems to have gone out of its way to declare “Asian F” the best episode of GLEE ever. This Leaky reader vehemently disagrees. Do you?

  For the last few episodes, Glee has been a Hakuna Matata show: that is, I watch it with no worries. The third season of Ryan Murphy’s silly series started by reintroducing Quinn as a sexy vixen of immorality, but by the end of episode 2, she was back to her sugary blonde self. Santana pledged her allegiance to Team Sue and was kicked out of the Glee Club, but by the start of this week’s ‘Asian F’, a throwaway line revealed she was back. The point is, this is Glee. It’s not Lost. Plot twists happen and then they just get written out and it doesn’t really matter all that much, because you know there will be singing and Rachel will be annoying and Darren Criss will be pretty and that’s really all I expect from Glee. Darren Criss, who by the way is a junior this year even though he was a junior last year. Hakuna Matata.

Editor’s Note:Interested in the music from last night’s episode? You can get it here: Cool (Harry Shum) Out Here On My Own (Amber Riley, Lea Michele) Run the World (Girls) (Heather Morris) It’s All Over (Glee Cast) Or get the episode: Glee, Season 3 – Glee

But Hakuna Matata can only take you so far. If you’re just enjoying a show without caring about the plot or the characters, eventually there will be a tipping point; an episode with things that stretch your patience so far, you just give up on the show. For me, ‘Asian F’ was my tipping point. It was the hour I gave up on Glee. Here are my problems with the episode, numerically ordered for your convenience:

1) Mercedes has a boyfriend. He got a lot of screen time. What is his name? We should know that. I’ll tell you his name: it’s Marcus. I know that because I read it on a forum.  That shouldn’t be how I have to learn the names of major supporting characters.

2) Mercedes feeling more confident about her abilities was a nice plot, and I liked her challenging Rachel, until she went all Queen Bitch just like she always does in every Mercedes Self-Empowerment episode there has ever been. Why can’t Mercedes just be confident and sassy without also being a huge douche to everyone? Why are we even watching this plot again? What is her boyfriend’s name?

3) The resolution of point 2) is that either Rachel or Mercedes could be Maria, which was an exciting bit of tension – AND THEY BOTH GOT CAST. That’s mental. And then MERCEDES TURNED IT DOWN! What?! That’s not a plot twist, it’s a plot swerve. The whole ‘Rachel Berry show’ inferiority complex only makes sense if Mercedes actually was better than Rachel, but Rachel is good! Really good! They’re both good! I’m not on Mercedes’ side through any of this because a) Rachel deserved the doublecast because she was great and b) she’s just being so rude about it all the time so I want her to suffer. Hashtag shoddy writing.

4) Does anyone still care about Mike Chang? Yes, of course he was gonna get the part of Riff – I’m pretty sure nobody else auditioned. Out of the blue he can just suddenly sing amazingly, and his Billy Elliot plotline felt obvious.


6) Was anyone else bothered by Tina saying that Principal Figgins had ‘spicy curry blood’?

Glee is the perfect program for the superficial. If you’re not bothered whether or not the stuff you’re watching is good, it seems on the surface to be amazing. And it’s easy to overlook the ‘what? oh, whatever it’s only Glee’ moments when there are but a few of them, but this episode just never stopped. It all ended with the cast singing ‘Fix You’, and I couldn’t help but thinking they were singing it about the show. Glee is a series that trains you not to care about their plots or characters because it’s all so light-hearted and whimsical that you’re missing the point by analysing it. For this viewer, Glee succeeded; I care so little about it that I won’t make the effort to watch it next week.

Other shows I watch (and still enjoy):
a) Community – you never know what to expect when you sit down to watch
b) The Office – Steve Carrell left but the writer’s didn’t, it’s still brilliant
c) Person Of Interest – only in its second episode and co-starring Ben from Lost, it’s the most badass show on TV right now Sound off in the comments. Tell me why everyone else thinks Asian F is the best episode of Glee ever. I really don’t understand it.

  • Tracey

    Mercedes’ boyfriend is called Shane, and she called him Shane in the episode, so your number one and two points are wrong, and due to your own ineptitude. :) !

    • Alex

      Googled: noted. Character’s name was originally reported as Marcus in all official media.

    • Flylikeadcriss

      Thank you!! :D

  • Catqueen15

    I liked how they brought it back to the music– the music numbers in this episode were significantly better than they have been lately. The plot… eh, well I don’t watch Glee for the plot. I did like learning more about Emma though. Mercedes’ song with the cool costumes was wonderful!

    • Alex

      I haven’t been into any of the songs this season (I haven’t bought any yet, own quite a few from prior seasons) but I did like the direction in this episode. The way they cut into the songs was fantastic. (Thought I still don’t know where ‘It’s All Over’ fits into it. That bit was just weird.)

  • Alice

    I kind of agree, but not fully. It was by no means Glee’s greatest episode, but I don’t think it was the worst (Night of Neglect, anyone?). The songs were good, but apart from Fix You and Cool, they felt out of place and almost had a High School Musical feel to them, which is fine but it didn’t feel right on Glee.

    I’m blaming Rachel running for class president and ruining my Hummelberry dreams on Mercedes. It’s a completely ridiculous ‘twist’ that doesn’t need to happen and looks like it could ruin one of the best friendships on the show.

    Also, Blaine being a junior is RIDICULOUS and goes against what Ryan Murphy has said before (I think he even said that Blaine was supposed to be year older than Kurt to start of with!)

    Although I won’t be giving up Glee for the foreseeable future, I think Asian F was definitely a low point, which was highlighted even more (for me at least), by The Purple Piano Project and I Am Unicorn being so good.

    • Alex

      Eh, I didn’t really like Fix You either … I always just find it creepy when Will is singing with all the kids.

      • Joana Pereira

        And in that pitch. Ouch my ears!

  • Happybunny676

    1. Mercedes said his name in the episode.
    2. I think Mercedes’s diva plot was taken somewhere else. Usually she succumbs to Rachel, and we’re all supposed to agree that Rachel is better than Mercedes (which I happen to agree with).
    3. I think the doublecasting was a good vehicle for Mercedes to challenge the notion that Rachel can never be considered second best.
    4. We didn’t see anyone else audition, but that doesn’t mean no one did. Tina has been working with him on his singing, and it wasn’t as though he broke out singing like Jonathan Groff. His Billy Elliott moment may have been a bit easy, but I still think it had the necessary impact.
    5. This is a point I agree with. I assume this is setting up for some conflict in the future, so I will not judge it too harshly yet. Also, when Rachel does something selfish, I assume it’s Rachel being Rachel.
    6. This seems like a trivial thing to have a problem with. It was a little offensive, but that is part of what makes Glee different from High School Musical. That might be a bit of a cop out, but Glee is known for pushing the boundaries on humor and being offensive.

  • Eleanor Matthews

    I think it was meant to be Figgins imagining/fantasizing Tina as a vampire and so it was really him that said he had ‘spicy curry blood’… Yes people care about Mike! People don’t care about Mercedes though, because as a character she sucks hard and is really selfish and her lines like “Nobody ever wants to hurt Rachel’s feelings” are just pure bollocks. I mean have you seen Glee, about 40% of the time Rachel is crying, 50% she’s singing and the other 10% she’s doing something Finn related.

    • Flylikeadcriss

      LOL! Mercedes selfish, for sayin’ that Rachel is the favorite.
      Sorry but you are so pathetic.
      Come on, even Rachel knows that!

  • Willow

    I honestly hated this episode, but liked it for four reasons:
    1) Brittany’s flash mob
    2) Mike Chang…period.
    3) Mercedes gaining confidence in herself.
    4) Emma’s backstory.

    Will Schuester was a bigger asshole than he ever was in this episode, there wasn’t enough Blaine/Kurt, and Rachel was a giant bitch as usual.

    Everyone who talks about this episode says that Mercedes was in the wrong in this episode, but I think she was right. I’ve been in that position so many times. I’m actually excited to see her in Shelby’s new showbiz group.

    • Alex

      She was in the right. But the way she handled it meant it didn’t matter, IMO. Arguments are usually less about who is right and more about who is gracious.

      • Flylikeadcriss

        Exactly, thank you so much

    • Flylikeadcriss

      Off Course!! Totally agree with you is amazing how talented are these Trobletones too!!

  • Sophia

    Mercedes was obnoxious Tina was annoying, BUT. This episode wasn’t just a crap load of songs that don’t relate to anything in the story-line. Also RACHEL didn’t revert back to her PSYCO crazy self like she usually does- so finally THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT DOESN’T JUST ERASE ITSELF from the show. I’m pretty sure Santana is back for some reason we don’t know yet. But this episode was more like season 1 Glee. Yes Mike Chang’s story-line was a bit obvious, but it was also really cute. Also, the Emma backstory/ character development was great. She’s the one not entirely self-centered character in the show, and finally we’re getting to learn more about her. I found the last few minutes with her and Will to be pretty moving for Glee.

    • Alex

      Ahh yeah, I forgot to talk about Emma’s subplot. Yeah, the OCD thing was interesting, but Will was a massive dick for just inviting her parents round without asking Emma first, and it bugged me that she didn’t acknowledge it.

      • Summer

        I was just impressed that they actually had her counting in that scene. Up until then, I was convinced that the writers had yet to read so much as the wiki article on OCD.

        • Emily

          Just so you know, though it’s one of the most common compulsions, counting is not the only symptom of OCD.

          • Summer

            Until then though, her OCD was mostly just cleaning things, which sometimes leads to people who like things clean to say “I’m so OCD” which… ughhhhh.

      • Sophia

        she did too – she was all withdrawn and ocd at the end – she’s too nice to be immediately retort, she’ll think it through and maybe say something next episode

  • Butterfly

    Woow. Chris is senior and Blaine is a junior for the third year. Otherwise Glee is great.

    I bet you just missed the boy’s name. Because honestly – whenever I watch something, I miss everyone’s names. (It’s possible, just giving options)

    • Joana Pereira

      Blaine is a junior this year, though he was supposed to be older than Kurt one year xD
      Still, he never said he was a junior last year…he just said he was a junir member of Warblers =)

  • Bartray17

    I liked asian f because …. unlike you I do care about the plot and the characters.! First of all even though you are right about them not telling us the name of Mercedes boyfriend ( Which I can care less about)(I correct myself. .. her boyfriends name is shane) he was the one that pushed Mercedes to do all that stuff saying she was better than Rachel (which by the way is very true) and that she deserved more than being in the background. Secondly Mike Chang is freakishly awesome that was the first episode that focused on him and his talent … I disagree with you 145% on what you say Glee is the most awesomely awesome show on television and its just getting better and better . I look forward to watching it untill it goes off (which I hate with a vengeance that it only has one more season)

  • Sakina

    I didn’t like the episode either. One, the plot didn’t make sense. Two, the songs. If the plot isn’t going to make sense, at least have a couple of good songs or else it’s going to lose its viewership seriously. I’ve never listened to the original version of Run The World (is that even the name of the song) but I hated Brittany’s version and Fix You, oh my god what the hell. Will singing in high pitch was horrible.

  • Elsie C.

    I have absolutely no idea why anyone is declaring this the best episode of Glee ever. I honestly think it’s one of the worst yet.

    I didn’t care too much for the “character development” of Mike Chang, because he’s always just been a not-too-major character. I wouldn’t have minded some background on him as long as it was so stereotypical. “An A- is an Asian F,” “My dream was also to dance, but I wasn’t as brave as my son” — didn’t everyone see this coming from a mile away? The attempt to expand on Mike’s character made him much more two-dimensional, in my opinion, because it was nothing new at all.

    I kind of liked Emma’s plotline, and the Ginger Supremacist bit was kind of funny, but I didn’t like the that 1) Will invited Emma’s parent ’round without asking just because he thought that she was embarrassed of him. It was obvious that she had some sort of issue with her parents and not with Will and 2) Ginger Supremacism and Emma’s OCD are two topics that are opposites — one is funny, and one is serious. I didn’t like that the Ginger Supremacism of her parents — something that’s funny and silly — was what caused her OCD (as implied when her parents made her clean her glass at the restaurant because the waitress wasn’t ginger), and that those two topics were mixed together. I feel like the implication of her parents causing her OCD was lost in the moment, since they were trying to make it funny. It would have been nice to get away from being light-hearted and focus on Emma’s OCD as a serious issue for a couple of minutes.

    I’ve never liked Mercedes (“Hell to the nizzy no” in the last episode was a shit line and it sucked), but I liked her even less in this episode. There was zero mention of her boyfriend, who just suddenly appeared on-screen in the cafeteria. She’s being a diva, even more so than usual. It’s great if she wants to be confident and whatnot, but it was shit that she pulled lines like, “You don’t care about me and you favor Rachel and she gets all the leads.”

    Santana switches side and switches back way too much for it to even be a cause of “Oh my god, what’s going to happen next, oh shit” anymore.

    Quinn’s a bitch and I hope she doesn’t get custody of Beth, especially since she’s EIGHTEEN and obviously a more unfit mother than Shelby. Speaking of Quinn, I hate that she dyes her hair pink and smokes and goes all badass, and then in the flash of an eye, she’s back to pretending that her allegiance belongs to Glee Club. She’s such shit.

    Brittany deciding to run for Senior Class President with “Girl Power” — wut. I hate the “let’s appeal to females and get their vote” and “men have been destroying everything, it’s time for a change” approach.

    Rachel running for Senior Class President — god, she’s just being Rachel and wanting to win, and she’s going to get upset at Finn for not knowing who to vote for, and god, this show is going downhill, isn’t it?

    Double-casting: MAKE A DECISION, GOD.

    Mercedes’ reaction to double-casting: Can it, Mercedes, you’re not always the best of the best, and you don’t get everything. Rachel’s good, and she deserves it as well, and she was willing to share, and she even said, “She was better than me” after the call-backs. Yeah, Rachel can be annoying, we all know it, but Mercedes — such a diva. I hate her more than I’ve ever hated her before.

    Mercedes joining Shelby’s Glee Club: Eff off, Mercedes.

    Blaine getting the part of Tony: Obvious, because Kurt was an idiot for singing Streisand.

    Preview for Next Week in which Mercedes seems to convince Santana to join Shelby’s Glee Club: Oh my god, who would’ve guessed that Santana would switch sides again, wut.

    As a last point, the songs kind of suck lately, especially Brittany’s “Who Run the World (Girls),” but maybe’s that’s because I hate that song.

  • Katie

    I’m so sick of Mercedes’ “I’m Beyonce!” moments. She goes about them in all the wrong ways. She spends most of her time trying to beat Rachel down, which got annoying fast in the first season, much less the third. And Rachel running for president? WTF. And honestly, I was a bit weirded out during It’s All Over. That was really random. I did love Brittany’s little flash mob thing, though. That’s what this show’s good for, I guess. Cute musical numbers, and maybe we’ll throw in a plot every once and a while. Maybe. If you’re lucky. (And Community is just amazing. Sooooo good.)

  • Angie_maciel

    Glee never meant to be a show that requires a deep plot line, that was just the original idea, a light happy musical show. So.. trying to analize it like something else will always dissapoint. If u didnt like this episode is valid, but that just means u dont like the concept of the show in general..from the start.
    People who like the concept of the show say this is a really great episode because it feels like the first ones, when the songs were a part of the plot and the plot was about the main characters and not some famous actor/actress or some famous singer, etc.
    The shows u like, i LOVE.. but are a completely diferent kind of entertainment than glee, obviously.

  • Becky

    Well, OBVIOUSLY Darren Criss is a junior again because not all of his credits transferred when he switched schools. You just had to INFER that.
    lol…I feel ridiculous defending the plot of Glee. I give up.

  • John M

    Do you have something against paragraphs?

  • Preussenblau

    I just watched it, and honestly? I liked it quite a lot.
    I’m pretty sure the name of the boyfriend was mentioned (shane or something, i think?) and it’s not like it’s new for Glee to suddenly announce couples that formed over the summer (RE: Mike and Tina last year). He’s been sweet so far, and tbh, I think Mercedes was right throughout the entire episode.

    Because yeah, she’s been a bit bitchy, but she did have a reason – she was better than Rachel. Even Rachel knows it. And nodody in that school ever goes against Rachel – I know she’s supposed to be portrayed as the Underdog and all that, but honestly, she always wins in the end. Of course Mercedes is mad, especially because Will’s been a royal ass throughout the entire season so far.

    Mike needed his backstory quite a lot, too. He’s one of the fan favorites, really, and it’s a shame that they’ve more or less discounted him as the “other asian” or Tina’s boyfriend so far, and the idea of the A-, even if it’s cliche, fits with his entire “asian” tick from last season, so.

    Yeah, Glee has its faults (Blaine as a Junior is annoying, and so is Santana’s club-hopping), but it’s really not a bad show. This episode was fun, the music was good, and a few characters that really deserved storylines got them, so, y’know, I’m happy.

    • Jessica Sharpe

      I have a question for you. Maria, it’s a musical theater role. Mercedes wants it, yet she shows up late for Glee practice, dance practice, doesn’t practice, and does not take what she is told in stride.

      Maybe this is supposed to be in High School, but the kids are all part of the club willingly and want to win Regionals and take part in the school musical. If Mercedes doesn’t want to practice or go to the dance class for those who need help, then she most likely shouldn’t bother trying out for Maria.

      Maria is going to take a LOT of time and A LOT of practice. All of which include Singing WHILE danceing. Speaking of Danceing. Mercedes really wants that lead, she should take the extra dance class as a helper for that role. Instead not five minutes into Dance practice she pretends to get sick after spinning around, she claims she can’t eat anything but fast food b/c of time.

      Any Elite Figure Skater, Dancer, know that they have allotted times for work out, figure skateing, dance lessons, yoga, and school. All of which is everyday and most skaters or dancer do not just practice for an hour or two after school. I’m talking being up at 4:00 in the morning to be at the studio or rink by 5:00 am to practice for 2 hours, then shower, go to school for 8 hours, go home and do homework, do yoga for a half hour or work out, then go back to the rink practice for 4 hours or more in the evening, come home do chores, and go to bed and do it all over again the next day.

      Another example, perhaps this is more Mercede’s speed. I work 35 hours a week, and go to school full time, I also have figure skateing. In the morning I’m up by 7:00, I shower, get dressed (my clothes HAVE to be picked out at night), eat breakfast -even if it’s a protein bar and water something in the stomach in the morning jump starts the metabolism and gives you energy for the day-, and have to leave at 8:15 in the morning to be at school downtown at 9 during rush hour traffic, then I’m in class for 2-3 hours depending on the day, then I have to go back to the midtown campus and have another class there for 3 hours, and then I go to the school caf and get a salad and eat while I do my H.W and studying, then around 5:00 pm I change in the school bathroom into my work clothes and go to work 6-10, and go home and eat dinner and do my chores.

      Somedays I even have to be up by 6 to be at the Ice Rink by 7 to have a lesson, those days I can’t do my hair or make up, I have no time. My point is, Mercedes isn’t putting in the work like the others. She says she doesn’t practice, she won’t work on her danceing, maybe her singing is great but there is a lot more to Maria then just her singing. How’s Mercedes’s acting and dancing? Can she sing and dance? How about sing then break off in the middle of the song to say her lines and continues to sing? Can she do all three at once? That’s what they were figuring out. They though Mercedes was a great voice so they gave her a chance to play for one week while Rachel get’s the other week. The same exact days and time.

      If Mercedes isn’t willing to put in the work and find time to eat something decent or grab a protein bar before Glee, and wont practice, then why the hell does she think she can walk on that stage and beat Rachel. You gotta be a tripple threat in musical theater, Mercedes isn’t b/c she doesn’t want to be bothered.

      • Michele

        THIS. You’ve listed everything (and more) that I was thinking during Mercedes’s bitch-attack. I really hope the writers weren’t trying to make us be sympathetic towards Mercedes or want to take her side because now I just hate her. “I don’t practice, I don’t eat well, and I can’t be bothered to fix either of those problems…give me the lead role.” Nope. Shut up, Mercedes. Good riddance.

        • Flylikeadcriss

          Mercedes was better and the others crap didn’t have any sense, so you better watch and don’t just listen.

      • Flylikedcriss

        In fact she can :D

    • Flylikeadcriss

      Thank you so much!!!!

  • Guest

    At least this episode was full of plot that was actually interesting for once! Yes, Mercedes was being a bitch but I don’t see how that can be a major complaint about the episode – you’re meant to side with some characters and not with others.

  • Kate Monster

    I agree with absolutely everything you said– but there was one major problem with last night’s episode that you missed…

    Didn’t it bother anyone else that Brittany’s campaign for class president was based entirely on ‘girl power’ and all that delightful feminist jazz– yet EVERY SINGLE GIRL who danced in that ‘flash mob’ (p.s., writers: that WASN’T a flash mob. Not even close) were dressed in teeny tiny short skirts, tight tops, etc.? The dance moves were also extremely provocative–disturbingly so. I personally found that whole premise and musical number extremely insulting.

  • Lily

    I think you should still watch it and review it after the gay explosion in ep5 when (spoiler alert) the new gay guy is introduced, karofsky is back and blaine tries to get it on w/ kurt.

  • Elly Morris

    I’m not entirely sure where on the internet you’ve been going, but everyone in my little sphere is outraged and disgusted by the casual racism in this episode. ASIAN F? What the fuck, writers? It’s a horrific stereotype and in addition to “spicy curry blood” (joy of joys) makes this probably the most racist episode of television that I have seen, produced in the last 10 years. That’s before tackling any other -isms.

    Will Schuester is a disgusting human being. We have all known this for quite some time, but this episode really fixed it. What the fuck gives him the right to have a go at someone because she felt sick during an enforced extra dance class? To be honest, I thought the plot was going to go towards Mercedes being pregnant at this point, but no. They chose to completely intimidate the girl because the only food she has time to eat is fast food, with a subtle nod towards her weight.

    “It’s just a joke” has become this poisonous phrase that gives anyone the right to say anything, and I feel like this episode has taken the biscuit. UGH. So many feelings about it! At this moment in time, I am only watching the show for two reasons: to support Darren Criss, and to have fun raging about it with my friends later.

    • Emily

      I’m a dancer. I know a decent amount of what it takes to to be on Broadway, or even in a show choir like New Directions. For all Mercedes talk, she’s not walking the walk. She’s admitted to not practicing. You HAVE to practice to be on stage like that. She expects she’ll win the lead role by standing at a microphone. Guess what- when you’re in musical theater, dancing is somewhat of a requirement. You can’t play Maria and stand at a microphone the whole time. And you CAN’T come in to a rehearsal late and then complain about not feeling well. In the real theater world, if that happened, she would be immediately replaced, and no one would question the directors decision. I’m entirely with Will here: Mercedes is a diva of the worst sort. I’m starting to prefer Rachel over her- at least Rachel practices.

      • Elly Morris

        The thing is, she’s NOT in the real theatre world – she’s in an extracurricular activity at school! That’s what annoyed me.

        • Emily

          But she says she wants to be a star OUTSIDE the school context. It’s not just about how they treat her, it’s about her behavior, and her behavior is demonstrating that she’s not ready for that. Given that she has announced that this is what she wants, I think that Schue and the casting directors are well within their rights to tell it like it is and treat her in a real-life way.

          • Flylikeadcriss

            OMG! i also remember what kind of behavior has Rachel when she don’t get some solos Ups!

        • Test

          Any musical theatre audition for a lead role, even for high school, is going to require that you demonstrate your ability to act and dance as well as sing… and (most schools’) are going to select the most talented person overall. They don’t just give the lead roles to everyone because it’s an extracurricular.

          While we don’t really know anything about Mercedes acting skills, we see she can’t dance and, more importantly, she has a poor attitude. You want to be in a play? You want to be a star? You have to show up on time. You have to be able to perform all tasks for the role, and that means working really hard. The level of performance (after elementary school) should be irrelevant. To do anything less is unfair to everyone else in the group.

          So why does Mercedes have any right to be insulted? Say what you will about the strength of their singing voices (or their personalities), but Rachel CAN sing and is committed to developing all of the skills for the performance. That should have been the end of the discussion right there. The fact that the casting directors were so myopic here was unrealistic and tiresome.

          Then again, criticizing Glee for being silly is like complaining that cotton candy lacks substance.

          • Flylikeadcriss

            Sorrry, so you are saying that Mercedes can sing?
            and why you are talking about acting when they don’t even really show that skill in Out Here Out My Own, we don’t see ANY OF THIS GIRLS show that in this performance and let me tell you something.If you see in some moment rachel acting you are going to notice that she is always overacting and it’s really annoying and i don’t really remember seeing Rachel with a perfomance in some of this number? Did you? and Mercedes is not lazy, i always see mercedes working hard, but the only time she is wanting some spotlight, the people don’t want to make Rachel cry.

      • lindsay

        Funny how Rachel didn’t go to the group practice though…

        • Michele

          The group practice was for people who needed extra help with dancing. Rachel can dance; in fact, Finn even says that she practices every day on her own. Rachel practices EVERY DAY. Mercedes flat-out said she doesn’t practice. Why Mercedes believes she’s better than everyone else and deserves the lead role in a play is beyond me.

          • Flylikeadcriss

            Why Rachel needs to practice alone?, Is she being part of the team?, Why she always needs especial treatment? because she is going to cry? If you really watch the show, you are going to see that Mercedes dance so much better than Rachel, because she is really part of the team not like that bitch tha always get what she wants, even if she don’t deserve it.

    • Summer

      it would be one thing if Tina was the one to bring up the “asian f” line, as that’s totally something asian kids would say to each other, like half jokingly. but for the dad to say it (and be serious) was a bit ridiculous.

      • Benkoskia

        I realize that it is ridiculous and the way they can toss out these sayings that people thing are racist. I agree – but to blow this out of proportion is crazy. Glee has always been the show to BRING up the issues at schools. People actually casually these things. I think by bringing this up in the show and making Will Schuester a dictator to his kids, they show that no one is perfect and everyone is fallible. I don’t think I trying to say ‘it’s okay’. The fact you guys are reacting like this, gives rise to the reason they do it. To bring it to people’s attention. I really think they put these little sayings in the shows to make you question how safe and comfortable school is NOT for most people. Kids are mean. Been there done that. They are mean even in college. It just never ends, we are mean to each other as adults too. So good for you seeing it, but don’t blow up at the show. They are making a point is my view of things.

    • Anna

      You may think the whole asian F thg was ridiculous but let me say this, i am asian, and yes, not all of us are that way, BUT, it is def part of asian culture to be forced to study in fear of DISHONERING your family. sigh :( I’ve been through it. Straight A’s since I was a kid. Piano, ballet, tennis, guitar, flute, french, german, mandarin, spanish. Aced em all, because if I didn’t, I’d receive one hell of a scolding and this seems to be the same for most of us asians, take note : not all, but it is a pretty accurate ‘stereotype’. Sadly. About the spicy curry blood, Glee is supposed to be offensive yet funny. Take a chill pill.I’m part indian and I laughed :p

      About Mercedes, it’s been constant since the first season where she’d be lazy and late. They poked fun at her weight because Ryan Murphy wants to make gLee as ‘realistic’ as possible, i guess. In reality, loads of girls receive lots of flak for being overweight. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. I’m not saying being skinny is right and fat is wrong but I’m just saying that situations like that do happen

      • Flylikeadcriss

        That’s the problem, they treat her like a joke, and “it’s been constant since the first season”, where she was constantly denied to have a solo as the others that are not Rachel and Finn, because please, admit it, Will and the teachers have favoritism, and it’s not because Rachel is more talented than the others and deserve everything, is because this show is fuckin’ bullshit that want to put Mercedes like joke and Rachel like the poor little girl that never gets songs, but we know that it’s not true, Rachel was always selfish and Mercedes always care about people, and yeah, she work harder than Rachel, and when Mercedes want to shine, they don’t give her the rol, not because she wasn’t better than Rachel in the performance, (because even Rachel couldn’t denied that), is because they don’t want to make Rachel cry.

  • Summer

    I really like the direction they’ve taken this entire season in general, tbh. Running for student government has been an arc instead of a one episode thing. Sue/Congress, Getting Into NYADA, even Quinn/baby all seem like something they are brewing, which is a night and day change from last year, where the show had fewer overarching plot lines than a gd procedural.

    1. Yeah, unless it’s like a THING that we no nothing about him and this is a Mice and Men Curly’s wife situation, we should know his name. Although I’ll be honest, I could never remember Tina’s name throughout the first TWO SEASONS, so who knows.

    2. Agreed, all good until she took it too far. This whole quitting thing was so obviously a way to give Idina something to do… although I don’t know why they didn’t just do this with Santana instead, since she was, you know, NOT IN THE GLEE CLUB, and then inexplicably back in.

    3. In an IRL school, especially one like this where the directors know the talent so well, there is no way they wouldn’t have picked a musical with two large female parts if not two female leads. They should have done Chicago! And Blaine could have been Billy Flynn and Kurt would sing Mr. Cellophane! And WHEN ALEX FROM THE GLEE PROJECT SHOWS UP, HE COULD BE MAMA MORTON! OMG NOW I’M WAY TOO EXCITED FOR THIS.

    4. If they had just dragged this out over more than one episode, it would have had so much more impact. I’m impressed they focused on him, though. It’s so not glee to give those other characters screen time.

    5. Ugh.

    6. Oh, I definitely winced. Really, Glee?!? Don’t think that’s appropriate, unless Sue is saying it maybe, because that’s her character. To have Tina say it just made it seem okay/a joke, which um, it’s not?

    Emma/Will: I hate Will. He’s so swarmy I can’t stand it. And every time he performs with the Glee Club, I just want to turn off the tv and give up on life. And him calling Emma’s parents racist at the table and acting all butthurt was SO INAPPROPRIATE because obviously the only person he’s going to insult/hurt by saying that is Emma, since I really doubt Emma’s parents give a rat’s ass what this rando thinks. Don’t make Emma feel even worse you jackass! GODD I hate Will.

    Brittany number: Every time Heather Morris gets to dance without the rest of the glee club holding her back is a win in my book.

  • antonella

    I agree with most of this, but also at the end of the day, this episode is going to be one of those Glee episodes I don’t even remember that existed. Home? Night of Neglect? I think about it and I have no idea at all what happened in the episodes besides Cheno singing a lot of songs in Home. So, I guess my anger about how they played out the Mercedes’ ridiculous storyline will erase as soon as they act like this episode never happened. Which always happens on Glee anyway.

  • Harriet

    Glee just recycles the same storylines. This is the 2nd or 3rd time they’ve done the ‘mercedes turns into a massive bitch’ thing, and the Quinn/Finn/Rachel love triangle got so old because it didn’t make any progress, it was just back and forth. All their other storylines are clichéd. The only good one is the Santana/Brittany one and we have heard NOTHING more about that. The way they just dropped the cliffhanger last episode annoyed me too. What Glee really needs is a new main character, and I don’t mean just Blaine, I mean a proper MAIN character.

  • Zzzzzzzane

    I do agree with you. I came into season 3 with the lowest expectations humanly possible, and the only reason I’m watching it is my overwhelming love for the cast. But the way they constantly bitchslap with retconning and inconsistencies, insulting my intelligence is just getting too far. Santana was a double agent because I thought she felt the need to do well to make up for lost self confidence – oh who cares she is back. Rachel and Kurt are best friends who swore in tears to help each other – oh wait let’s just forget about that to create a really cheap plot tension.
    I’m very envious of you that you can stop with the show. I wish I could.

  • Suze

    But… Klaine sex in episode 3×05. You can’t give up yet, Alex!

    • TiffanyRae

      ..What? Where did you find that out?

      • Yellow

        Clearly, you people don’t have a Tumblr.

    • Georgia Bea

      …? I need a gif to express my confusion

  • fairandwarlike

    I checked out of Glee somewhere in season 2. I pretty much just watch it for Lea Michele now. Also, I don’t get it when people say Rachel is annoying? Maybe my tolerance for irritating people is particularly high, but she never bothers me. Maybe because I see the compassion and humanity in her and I care deeply about the character (and actress). Either way, My Schue never fails to irritate me, so I save up all my hate for him.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Mike Chang’s arc in this episode. I started off hating it, and that whole cliched “strict asian parent” thing, but I really enjoyed his performance (surprisingly good singing all of a sudden!), and I thought that little moment with his mother was so so so lovely. I kind of feel the same way about Mercedes. Her story started off stupid, ended stupid, but she had a few brief moments to shine in this episode.

    +1 point for ginger supremacists. I did not see that coming. At all. Laughed out loud.

    -100 points for Fix You. I hate that Will feels he has to “fix” Emma. I hate the whole message of that song too. Just ugh.

  • Catherine

    I do love Glee. I defend it when friends shoot it down and complain about how it was so much better in Series One. I watch/ed it every single Monday/Thursday night without fail. I happily spend all of Tuesday morning summarizing the episode to those who hadn’t seen it. I sit through Rachel scrunching up her face whilst hitting high notes at least 17 times per showtune. I ‘awww…’ so high pitched that only dogs can hear it when Santana and Brittany are cute. I love how Kurt and Blaine quite clearly have some kind of rota system for who is allowed to wear a bowtie on which day. In short I love Glee.

    Although it does still have its moments and, from what we have seen, Series Three is much better than Series Two was, Glee is not what it was. Instead of being the show that was consistently good, it now will have some episodes that you would happily watch again and some that were so painfully dull that by the next morning you can no longer remember what even happened. And then occasionally you get the episode that is so bad that all you want to do it forget that it ever happened *cough-Grilled Cheesus-cough*.

    As bad as this sounds, it now gets to the point when I’m watching Glee that I think to myself ‘would I honestly still be watching this is Darren Criss wasn’t in it?’.

    • Asd0508

      I agree with most of what you said, but honestly (don’t judge me) I loved Grilled Cheesus…I thought it was hilarious.

  • Erin Wert

    Gotta agree with you Alex- maybe it was because everyone hyped it up so much, but I was no that impressed with the episode; the Mercedes turning into a super-annoying Diva felt like a re-used, overdone plot, and any vague feelings of being sorry for her evaporated once she started being such a drama queen again (and being more of a drama queen than rachel? that takes talent). rachel trying to run for president (still! even after she got the part of maria) is just plain annoying.

    and i won’t even get into the anger i feel just thinking about the plot line they didn’t touch on this week but alluded to in next weeks preview- the thought that quinn is going to try and get her baby back after giving her up for adoption- the fact that they are even letting her have any time to think that she COULD do that is just terrible. adoptive parents everywhere are shuddering, i’m sure. especially when the adoptive mother is open to an open adoption and letting her be involved in the kids life; there is NO question that shelby is a better fit mother for beth, and is LEGALLY HER MOTHER. gah. it makes me angry.

  • Amelia

    The part that I don’t get is that in the first season, Rachel left glee club and then everyone was all “OMG we need you!” But when Mercedes does it for much of the same reason, everyone is disgusted that she could be so selfish.

    I still care about Mike Chang! I just don’t like how Tina always makes everything racist (“Asian F” and “other Asian”). I think Glee is all, “We have Asians! We have gay teenagers! Therefore, it’s acceptable for us to make fun of them.”

    I used to love Glee, but with their autotune and quickly deteriorating writing, I may not be able to watch it much longer.

    • Flylikeadcriss

      Thank you, the same happened when in sectionals wen Finn left the Glee Club, and when he came back, they saw him as a hero, and in that moment he was selfish like Rachel.
      When mercedes talk whith Shue, talk for the others too.

  • Mary Kate

    I agree with this entire article. To add some things, during the scene with Emma, Will and her parents, they basically hinted that Emma’s OCD problem came from her parents when in season 1, she said that there was an accident during a tour of a milk processing plant. The writers are seriously having a problem with continuity. I really hate how they are writing Mercedes/Rachel conflict as well. Rachel has, in fact, given things up for Mercedes (the sectionals solo in season 1 and the night of neglect closing number) and yet again, Mercedes has claimed that it’s always been the “Rachel Berry show”. You would think that maybe the show would get better with the new writing crew, especially with Marti Knox, but nope, we’re getting a repeat of the crappy writing in season 2 again. I truly believe the only reason I’m watching this show still is because of Darren (I’ve been a Starkid fan since AVPM was released). I’m so disappointed with this season and it just breaks my heart since it was an amazing show in the very beginning. Ryan Murphy needs to stop using this show just for money and go back to the basics.

  • Sarah

    Don’t hate on my show :/
    No, I don’t really care. Everyone has opinions. And I am normally the person who is like “no, that’s bad, and these are my reasons. Beat that.”
    And normally I would freak out in this situation and be all “oh no you didn’t” but I don’t really have anything to say. I agree with almost all of what you said. I will say I still love the show, because the plots can be stupid, but the music is really good. Really really good. And yes, it’s just a whole lot of covers, but I still love it. And am still hoping for the day when they cover you Alex.
    But that’s irrelevant, what I know is that I watch glee because it’s mostly a feel good show that you watch for the stupid teenage drama of which I am currently living. So I will watch it and smile every Tuesday when they sing and just make my day.
    And you won’t be able to watch Glee next Tuesday, it’s not on until November.
    But at the end of the day, Glee will be a cute show I watch for fun, and Doctor Who will make up for the bad plots of Glee by blowing me away. Most of the time it does.
    And I’m sure 99.99% of people will agree with that.

    • Sugandha

      I agree! I’ve always thought that Glee has no plot, so I wouldn’t watch it if it didn’t have music. But it does, so I watch it anyway. and really don’t care about anything.

      on the plus side, Will Schuester is slightly less irritating nowadays (hopefully I didn’t speak too soon), anyone else agree?

    • Lolyta

      And Sug, I like him a little but more every time he stands up for Emma.

    • Emily

      I agree!!! I watch Doctor Who too so usually when I watch Glee on TV or on Netflix I tend to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who afterwards to makeup for poor or stupid plot, because Doctor Who never has stupid plots because it all ties in. There may be stupid episodes (season 1, the Slytheen episodes) but not stupid plots. Anyways, that’s off the topic, I find that Glee makes me smile and I love hearing the music and I like the drama, that’s the only reason why I watch it. Yes the show can be stupid, but I still love it

  • Lila


    I completely agree.

    I missed the episode tuesday night and my friends all told me that it was amazing and brilliant but I just watched it and it’s really not that good.

    1) Honestly I was just once again reminded of the stereotypes the writers make even though that’s what they’re supposed to be against. Asian F? Really? I might have been fine with it if this was a comedic episode, but this is supposed to be a serious show that teaches kids not to judge one another. Also, yeah, the “spicy, curry blood” thing was off as well.
    2) I agree with the fact that every time the writers try to make Mercedes stand up for herself she just comes out looking like a bitch.
    3) The competition with Rachel and Mercedes was good at first and the only interesting part, and then they just “happy end” it, but then of course Mercedes gets all pissed even though she was cast and walks out. Are we even supposed to like her anymore?
    4) Though I didn’t like this episode, it was a nice scene with Mike dancing around and things.
    5) I really don’t ship Klaine anymore. Blaine’s the sweetest and Kurt just treats him like shit.

    This show used to be so good… What happened?

    • Flylikeadcriss

      Look what a mature person ” it was a nice scene with Mike dancing around and things. ”
      What an assholes in this page isn’t it?

  • katilyna

    Thank you for not watching Glee. I have lived the past two years without. I don’t feel as if I’m missing ANYTHING worth getting involved in.

  • Emma

    I think my head is working agains me. I always know that glee isn’t gonna be good this week either, still I’m always left feeling disapointed after every episode.
    I find it a bit scary that Mike and Mercedes both seem to have some sort of psychological issue. Maybe schizophrenia?
    I’m really expecting this too get alot worse, but I’ll keep watching, because there are few things I like as much as criticizeing Glee.

  • Michelle

    I was on Rachel’s side because she actually works very hard at being the best. She rehearses and rehearses, while Mercedes is a lazy bones. She thinks she is already the best and has nothing higher to achieve, which is not what any good artist thinks. The people that are truly the best at anything, are the people who never stop trying to achieve a higher goal, or perfect their craft. Mercedes is a disappointment. I did feel that this episode was better than the last 2, but it still didn’t fill me with desire to keep watching. I am holding on for the kids from the Glee Project, especiallly Damian.

  • Meghan

    Let me start out by saying that I usually love you Alex. But you’re really pissing me off with this post so now I’ve got to disagree with all of your points.

    1. Mercedes called her boyfriend by name -Shane- at least 4 times so far this season.
    2. Once again, his name is Shane – you must not have been listening. And Rachel, Santana, and Quinn are bitches most of the time, why can’t Mercedes be one once in a while? She deserved the part and the justification is: she feels like she’s been overlooked in Glee. And obviously she has, this is pretty much the only Mercedes centered episode of Glee ever.
    3. Rachel said herself that Mercedes sang the song better. Mercedes knows this and she is mad because Rachel is just letting them double cast when she knows Mercedes deserves the lead by herself.
    4. Of course we care about Mike Chang. He’s been a mystery the whole time, and they are finally getting around to fleshing out his character. If anything you should be complaining that they left his character so one sided for SO long. I agree he shouldn’t be able to sing AMAZINGLY but if he’s been practicing for a while, he could have gotten better. We don’t really know what his voice was like before he started practicing because the duet he did with Tina, “Sing” was just supposed to be comical, not an actual portrayal of his skills.
    5. Do you listen? Rachel said herself that she’s running because she wants to do something big for her senior year. Since the beginning she has told everyone she wants to be noticed at McKinley – a star. That’s the original reason she joined Glee club. It was in the pilot episode.
    6. The whole ‘spicy curry blood’ thing was a daydream that Figgins had. I don’t think it really happened. Besides if you’re saying it bothered you because it’s sort of racist get over it. It’s a mild slur. I’m a redhead and they put gingers in a really bad light in this episode just like most people do (ex. We have no souls, we’re evil). But do you see me crying over here? No. I thought it was hilarious.

    I really enjoyed this episode. They brought back group numbers with an amazing rendition of “It’s All Over”. The music was fantastic and fun in this episode. No I don’t think it was the best episode ever, but I don’t think it justifies the hate that you are spewing about it. There were worse episodes last season.

    All right, rant over.

    • Joana Pereira

      3. She may have sang better, but she still didn’t deserve the lead. We haven’t seen Mercedes able to sing/dance/act at the same time. Rachel can ’cause she always practices. That was my pet peeve with Mercedes.

      Oh, and Kurt should be a bit more supportive on the end. He tried, but he looked disgusted. That’s not how you face a boyfriend getting a major role. Yeah he wanted it, but he admitted last year the best out of everything was getting Blaine.

      And GOD oh God, didn’t noone noticed Bernardo was not cast??? That’s the second most important male role. WTF?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t mind this episode. In fact, it reminded me a lot of season one. The fact that they were making racist jokes didn’t bother me. I find it kinda weird that people were bothered by it, they have been poking fun at stereotypes since the beginning. Just because these aren’t coming out of the mouth of Sue Sylvester, people seem to all of a sudden to take issue.

  • Hpotteryesimawizrd

    Alex I agree with every thin you sai especially about Darren cross because he Is so Gorgeous also another thing I’d like to point out, whenever Rachel gets in a fight with curt it’s always about a pointless stupid thing like in this episode she’s running for class president aswell. That can’t be that good of friends if a stupid thing like that comes between them.

  • snowmjoke

    i have noticed that the show gets really repetitive. like the writers have a formula and they just fill in the blanks for each episode. for the majority of the episodes the equation is= wills riotous movement of something the glee kids are doing wrong+Rachel being a diva+Kurt being outrageously gay (its not like im homophobic or something, its true)+sue hating on what ever movement will decides+some Broadway songs+ a whole lot more little pot twists that dont do anything in the end = a full blown, loved, dull,Glee episode.
    i know that sense i have mentioned this everyone(or hopefully some people) is seeing what i am seeing.

    • snowmjoke

      i seriously forgot to mention this…WHY DO THEY HAVE A FULL BLOWN ORCHESTRA AT A HIGH SCHOOL???? and when ever they just so happen to want to play a cretin song everybody has the free time to wait hand and foot on the singers.

  • AEB

    Agreed. What really annoys me is that it’s always the same thing. Rachel is always overly ambitious, Mercedes turns into a diva, Quinn blames everyone for her problems, Sue (though I love her) flip-flops, and Will consistently makes an ass of himself. It’s like they forgot everything that happened last season. Perhaps you’re right, they sang ‘Fix You’ about the show. “Stuck in reverse.” Sure looks like it.

    Also, what’s with them cutting and adding so many characters and story lines? I understand that they need to ease in a new generation, but who wants to watch that Sugar chick. Then they cut out a big character like Sam, and just make a quick reference that he moved, as though he had one line the entire season. Same with Lauren.
    Any word on Dave Karofsky? I would at least hope that they would keep his story going..

    • Krissie

      Karofsky’s still on. Max Adler won’t tell anyone what episode he’s coming back in, though :(

    • Joana Pereira

      The whole Sam thing is not really their fault. Chord didn’t want to stay as a guest star and they didn’t want to promote him still. They promoted Darren and Harry.

      The “Fix You” song bothered me like HELL. You don’t “fix” someone with OCD…you help, but you don’t say “I’m gonna fix you ’cause it’s like you’re broken-sort-of-thing…”

  • Guest

    I lold so hard over point 6.
    For a show that I personally find awesome and am going to recommend you check out (if you haven’t already) is Dexter. It’s just started it’s 6th season, but every one is amazing. Season 1 being one of the best! Give it a go if you fancy it! :)

  • Esf2215

    I thought it was okay. Not the best episode ever but it wasnt completely horrible.I too was annoyed with Mercedes bit. I want her to have confidence in her self but it seems like their just recyeling the plot lines for her. I did however adore Mr. Schue singing Fix You and Mike Changs devolpment. But it dose seem like they lose a charcter then gain then lose one.

  • Michele

    I’m so over Mercedes’s “I’m better than everyone” routine. She always becomes a huge bitch and instead of siding with her like the writers want me to, I just want Rachel to kick her ass (I was seriously pissed off at her during “Night of Neglect” when she suddenly decided she deserved to be treated like a star. Mercedes, you are still in high school, in a freakin’ show choir. And you know what? You’re a good singer but shitty in every other aspect so sit down and shut up). In this particular episode, I was especially peeved because hey, maybe her one solo was better than Rachel’s, but we’ve already been shown that she can’t dance and we have no proof that she can act. We’ve already had it shoved down our throats that Rachel IS Ms. Future Broadway Star, so you know what, Mercedes, NO you didn’t deserve the role and you weren’t better than Rachel because performing in a play is more than just belting out one good song.

    I actually did appreciate Mike’s subplot because the show spend too much time focusing on Rachel-drama and it’s nice to see another character get a chance in the spotlight. Though I wish it hadn’t been so predictable and cliched, but I appreciate the slight effort on the writers’ part to give Mike some bit of plot.

    Rachel running for president is the worst move ever. She has always been solely focused on show choir, and now that she has the lead role in the play, what the hell does she need to take over student government for now too? I’m especially upset over it because it’s screwed up her friendship with Kurt, which was frankly my favorite relationship of the show. I just fail to understand why, if she really feels it necessary to beef up her resume with involvement in the student government, she couldn’t just ask to be Kurt’s running mate. Instead she has to revert to Old Rachel where she plows over everyone else to get her way.

    Honestly, if not for Darren Criss, I would not be watching this show anymore. (Well, I also continue to watch it because I have a little too much fun mocking it and pointing out all the plot holes and such.)

    • Flylikeadcriss

      DIDN’T YOU??

  • Meredith

    Glee and I have an off and on relationship. I will hate it and hate it, and right before I give up on it, it’ll get good again. Example: the last two episodes of season 2 were amazing. But I totally agree that the first three episodes of this season are shit. The music is not memorable and there are all these branches of the plot line are not developed but “resolved.”
    Over the summer I watched the glee project and Ryan Murphy would judge the contestants and he kept on critiquing them saying “I cant figure out who you are, so I don’t know what kind of character I would write for you.” And when he figured out one was Christian he was all, “I have always wanted a good little Christian character on the show.” They’re actors! You could get some super devout atheist actor and he could play your good, little, Christian boy! It was just so annoying. (Also after he said that everybody hopped on the religion train to try and get on the show.)
    The show is about breaking stereotypes but the characters only behave within their stereotype. They have no dimension.
    The idea of Glee is great, and the actors/music is phenomenal, but Glee needs some new writers with fresh ideas.

  • Helen

    I care about Mike Chang. His storyline was a long time coming and the best part of last night’s Glee. Not to mention that he killed his audition.

    Everyone has different opinions. If you don’t enjoy his storyline, that’s a perfectly valid opinion. “Does anyone still care about Mike Chang?” on the other hand is just plain dismissive, insulting to the legions of fans who have adored the character and made the increased focus on him possible.

  • Lalala

    And other thing you forgot, Alex, is that Maria is a soprano. Rachel and Mecedes are altos. I’m sorry, but they should never EVER hit a high c. It may make me deaf. I don’t like Glee because of its hideous plots and even worse covers to classic musicals. The show is famous for all of the wrong reasons.

  • Gen

    I hated it. I love Glee, but this season, so far, has been absolute shit. First episode: Oh yeah I was dating Sam but he moved so whatever. THE FUCK? That was a big plot twist in the season finale! And Blaine? People do not leave their schools so quickly for one person! So what if they couldn’t film at the school anymore? Just don’t have any scenes in the school! And why the fuck are Santana and Brittany back on cheerios? I thought the whole point of them quitting before was so they could be all empowering towards themselves and shit. Nothing is making any sense and agh. Except I disagree with the part about Mike Chang, I like that he *finally* has some sort of plot-line instead of being some random guy just in Glee Club. It gives you some insight into the character, which I enjoy. But that is the only thing I enjoyed about last night’s episode, and I didn’t enjoy it very much because the all of a sudden being able to sing part was a little bit odd. I would’ve thought they would at least put some thought into it, having him slowly getting better over a few episodes…

    And I love Community, it is my third favorite show of all time only behind Doctor Who and Friends. Aw yeah.

  • Sarah

    100% agree. I used to really like Glee, but I’ve given up on it. I’d rather watch Community, which is also lighthearted and fun, but with much stronger characters and way more continuity.

  • Sakura Brunette

    Alex, wait for Damian’s episode if it sucks too then I might be with you on this…

  • Jessie

    I can’t agree wit you more about this episode, and about Glee in general. Every week I sit down think “hmm, maybe this will be alright this week” then end up making jokes about it while watching it with my friends. So I guess it’s still entertaining to me, but not in the way it should be. :)

  • what

    I completely agree…it has been getting harder and harder for me to ignore all problems on glee.

  • Beth

    I only watch this show for Kurt, Blaine, and the dude in the wheelchair. Every other character is just insufferable and the music makes songs that shouldn’t be pop into pop.

  • EmmyBee

    Everything you just said Alex was absolutely how I feel.
    As the majority of my friendship group watches Glee, I will keep watching.
    Glee has no continuity and therefore is actually, not the best show.
    It is overrated.
    It really isnt that fantastic and towards the end of series 2 I was getting sick of it.
    Glee is just one of those stupid teen drama shows everyone watches for fun.
    (well most people anyway)
    I watch Glee now just to laugh and make jokes of all the characters in the episodes.
    It’s lost its touch but all television shows end up that way.
    Overall I’m just saying that it is a show that we will end up watching as a joke just to ease the silliness in our own lives. :3

  • tiffany m

    i agree with your oppinion to an extent. this episode was high on the stupid drama but the series isnt bad… so far season 3 is off to a bad start for sure! but touching on emma’s ocd was interesting… hopefully they will write more about that!

  • Miriam

    I agree with everything! I was really disappointed in that episode. The other thing that annoyed me was the scene between Mike and his mother which could have been really significant was soo weak. It was one of those scenes where they could have built up that he’d been hiding the fact that he was apart of the musical from his parents and skipping chem tutorials and they finally found out and there would have been an argument AND THENNNN I’d expect the scene with his mother supporting him.

    I do however think the Dream Girls Effy White scene in the auditorium when Mercedes was about to storm out was really cool. I took a big disliking to Mercedes in this episode when I was expecting to sit down and support her all way through.

    I don’t think I could ever give up on glee though. Blaine, Kurt, Santana and Brittany are brilliant. It seems like the writers have given up and are just putting in pointless episodes before the winners of the glee project come in…

    Oh. and does anybody else think that the ‘other glee club’ with Shelby is the most pointless, pathetic thing you’ve heard…???

  • Claireo

    actually Mercedes’ boyfriends name is shane

  • Liz

    i liked it. People are different. I hate apple pie, do you? but yea, ur article, made me laugh. I love the way you write. hehe. HAKUNA MATATA!

  • seriously?

    Yeah this episode was pretty bad for all those reasons. But also, was anyone else annoyed at the structuring of the episode? Three main story arcs that are completely disconnected coming and going at random.

  • Heather Maxwell

    I agree with you…but only just. Mostly on point 2. By the end of the episode, I just wanted to slap Mercedes and tell her to STFU. Also with point 3, that was a perfectly reasonable solution, and it happens alot in theatre. If I were the directors, I would have chosen Rachael, because she fits the part better than Mercedes, but the offer for them to share it, was great. It was only ruined for me when, once again, Mercedes went all high and mighty queen bitch.

    I find myself often yelling at the televison when watching Glee, that they all have talent and dreams. Ryan Murphy why won’t you write them working together rather than competing.

    But I did enjoy the Mike Chang story line. It made him a bit more 3D rather than just being the pretty dancing boy.

  • Georgiakinns

    I completely agree I loved Glee season 1 then it went shit at like episode 2 of season 2 but for some reason I still watched it

  • Amanda

    “Plot twists happen and then they just get written out and it doesn’t really matter all that much, because you know there will be singing and Rachel will be annoying and Darren Criss will be pretty and that’s really all I expect from Glee”

    You forgot Chris Colfer being an angel/perfect human being/talented/beautiful/perfect/etc

  • lindsay

    I completely agree. Glee has always been my “Hakuna Matata” show, so to speak. I watch it because I have nothing better to do (and for Darren Criss) but I don’t particularly care what happens. Though I would be quite happy if Rachel fell off a cliff somewhere. (That’s why I do disagree with one of your points. I didn’t mind Mercedes being rude, just because Rachel got taken down a peg.)

  • Anonymous

    From the very beginning I thought Glee had potential–I still do, I really do because it has a lot of characters that–IF WRITTEN PROPERLY could turn into an amazing show. I don’t think I’d call it Hakuna Matata though. I think I’d say it was a “what every Ryan Murphy and the writers feel at the moment” but since its too long to say, Hakunana Matata would suffice.

    The only episode that really got me saying “OMG GLEE IS AMAZING” is Kurt’s I Want To Hold Your Hand episode and the Born This Way one. I guess I was expecting Asian F to be another one but I agree with you on everything. Every episode since I’ve been saying “OMG THIS SHOW” a lot in the same exact way you say it.

    You’ve pretty much said most of the things I wanted to say properly because all I could repeat is the shaking of my head. I still have faith in Glee, but I’ve long since been a fan-fan.

    Also, I’ve read in some places that some fans are not willing to part with the graduating class of the New Directions. To that I say “Get over it people. People graduate. They can’t be high school forever. You’d just be closing the door on other people that are probably more talented than they are.”

    And is it just me, or couldn’t they have just created an entirely new season of Glee with the contestants of the Glee project? They could just be a Glee club from a different school, right? Geez this show.

  • Masha Ivanovic

    Honestly, I just read Glee fanfiction now. The show is sometimes so… silly, that I just can’t stand watching it. I’ll stick to my fanfics.

  • JustSayin

    Please just wait for the Klaine sex..
    And actually her boyfriend’s name is Shane.

  • Ophelia

    Totally agree.
    The only reason I watch is because my sister gets to the remote faster -.-

  • Helen

    I kind of agree with you. Although the Mike storyline was endearing and only about 3 seasons too late, Mercedes was terrible. Surely she outgrew her diva fits after she demanded to dry her hands on fluffy puppies. She grew as a person so much in the last two seasons, only to be pushed back to square one in this single episode.

  • Meganrebekah

    I just watched this episode on Hulu.
    I HATED IT. Hated it so much.
    You captured it perfectly “Why can’t Mercedes just be confident and sassy without also being a huge douche to everyone?”

    Rachel can be annoying, but in the overachiever way. Mercedes is just a beyotch. C

    • Flylikeadcriss

      “Why can’t Mercedes just be confident and sassy without also being a huge douche to everyone?”
      Exactly, that’s what i thoght.
      You people are so angry because she is having more spotlight and SAYIN’ THE THRUTH.
      You want her just to be in the background
      That’s it.
      Shame on you people

  • JessicaS

    Ok, you have a problem here. You’re not reading between the lines.

    Asian F, maybe they shouldn’t have used those words exactly when the father said it. But, Mike felt trapped in what he was supposed to be.

    As for Quinn, she said she would do whatever the hell she had to do to get her daughter back. Full Custody from Shelby even if she has to pretend to be someone she’s not. She’s not back to the way she was, she’s just hiding everything away to get her daughter back. To be that ‘perfectly sugar sweet’ girl that everyone knew. And she was never nice, ever. Never. She is only nice when it suits her own needs, Quinn is basically a self centered bitch that needs a total reality check.

    Mercedes was a bitch. there is more to playing Maria then just singing, Rachel has it all, ALL! Mercedes can sing damn well, but she wasn’t willing to put in any work into Glee club, so why the hell should she only get the role of Maria? So they doublecast for now and as the work progressed they would see if Mercedes kept up her end of the bargain and worked her ass off for that damn show.

    As for the Boyfriend he’s a total douche and a bad influence on Mercedes he’s one of those Football players that throw the slushies at the ‘lower ranks’ of the school. Why the hell is she with him in the first place?

    The whol Queen Bitch thing…she doesn’t do that alot, she just has an attitude problem that is out of control. She wants what she wants without having to work for it.

    Rachel works her ass of and practices every day. She can dance, that’s why she’s not at the work shop. Also, neither is Tina or Artie. Santanna is there b/c of her tude and bounceing from one place to another thing, Brittany is there b/c she wants to be with her ‘voters’ so she’s danceing with them. Mike is helping Shue teach them the moves. So about a quarter of the Glee club did not need to be there, but some were due to attitude etc problems.

    Rachel is running for president b/c she has 0 other extra curiculars inside of school to help her get into NYADA, so she is running. She should have run for VP but that’s neither here nor there. Hence the problem. She wants NYADA so badly it hurts she lives it breathes it…so she is doing anything and everything she can to get in. Problem is she is treating her friend like he’s the competition and school like one. Glee is more the superficial, you just gotta watch it and I mean watch it not half way watch it. Obviously if you had watched it as throughouly as you said you did then you would have known WHY Rachel is running for P and WHY Quinn is back in Glee. You alsow ould know WHO wasn’t in the Dance workshop if you paid attention, you would know WHY Mercedes was Double cast instead of actually getting the role. It’s never about Rachel’s feelings here, Rachel is good, like really really good and she can sing and act, we don’t know if Mercedes can or not. She’s never proven to us.

    • Leah

      Dude, she doesn’t actually not know why these things happened–I’m sure Alex watched the episode very thoroughly or she (he?–sorry) wouldn’t have written a review of it. The author (and myself) just don’t think the reasons are very good or make much sense. For instance, Rachel has no reason to be running for President and only did so because Kurt and Brittany were doing it first. (I’m sorry, are there two clubs at this school?) Quinn’s plotline is stupid: she gave her baby up for adoption over a year ago. You don’t get custody over a child you GAVE UP PARENTAL RIGHTS to and haven’t had any contact with. Also, Mercedes wasn’t good enough to get the role; she’s totally not a Maria. It’s not that they’re afraid to tell Rachel she’s second-best; it’s that she isn’t. They are, however, afraid to tell Mercedes this: hence the double-casting. Emma has no spine and should not have been put in this position. I expected more from Artie and, frankly, I just don’t care about Beiste. And finally, Maria needs to be a triple threat. Mercedes has acted before (Rocky Horror), and we know she can sing. She has been given the opportunity to prove her dancing chops, but she has adamantly rebuffed that offer. I really don’t see how she expected to beat out Rachel for this part. Honestly, if they really wanted to add some tension to the casting of Maria, they should have given it to Kurt. Rachel gets beat out, they specifically go off of Beiste’s desire to shake things up (Black Maria? How about a male Maria?), and we get to see Kurt and Blaine play opposite each other. Win-win.

      • Shawn

        I honestly think that a male Maria is just too much.

      • Flylikeadcriss

        Fuck. You.

  • team charlie

    OMG alex i love you!! marry me?

  • Anonymous

    I juuusst happened to chance on a rerun of Glee season 1. IT WAS SO GOOD. WTH happened?

    Rachel isn’t even a “loser” anymore in terms of fashion/looks/whatevershe was concerned about before. Her being a diva still looms but there should really be way for other characters to bloom.

  • Shawn

    Just so you know Blaine wasn’t a junior last year. Perhaps you’re referring to the part where he thanks the Warblers for putting so much trust in him as a “junior member” but by that he meant as an underclassman as the council is always “three upper classman”

    Besides I wouldn’t care even if they did make him fail or something, just more Darren!

  • Nadine

    can i just bow to you?
    perfect article. thank you for summing it up so well. to be quite honest i liked glee for exactly 10 episodes of the entire series and since then i watch titsimply because i love kurt and sometimes blaine and sue sylvester and the rest of the time my roomie and i rage about finn and rachel and rachel and finn and that’s about all glee gives me. i’m into well written shows and relatable characters which glee simply does not offer. what got me through season 2 was the music which was usually well chosen and enjoyable but now it’s crap. they ruined ‘Fix You’ completely. and the fact that this song and coldplay is so close to my heart doesn’t make it any better.
    the show is terrible and i wonder when the media starts recognizing this. and i am also waiting for the day when people start realizing that rachel berry is a terrible human being. with extremely weird facial expressions and an extremely obnoxious voice and clothing style.
    if i had to add another point to your list:

  • 21bookworm21

    This is how I felt about Asian F. I have been skeptical about Glee’s writing for a long time, but this episode just took it to a whole new level of ridiculous, out-of-the-blue plots and obstacles for the characters to go through just so they can sing a song about it. Many of the characters fall off the map for weeks on end, and then have huge episodes dedicated just for them (cough Mike Chang cough). I still watch, merely for the fact that Darren Criss is in the cast. And occasionally there is a good cover done on the show. Nothing more can really be expected from Glee anymore, which disappoints me because it is a unique concept for a show, and in the right hands it could be a wonderful show, but the writers have not paid the attention or spent the time that the actors and the audience deserve to make it great.

  • wsup



  • Caitlin

    I didn’t like Mercedes in this episode because I realised that what she really is is immature. She hasn’t grown up much since season 1, unlike Kurt and Rachel (the three divas). In Season 1, they were all like this – bitchy and divaish and thinking they deserved everything all the time. I’m not saying Kurt and Rachel are completely better now, but they have improved and they DO try and, you know, be good sports occasionally.

    I also think Mercedes boyfriend is awful and the reason she’s being so mean – she was nice to Rachel about the auditions before he got to her. Also I just plain don’t like him.

    I really liked Mike’s plotline, but mostly because it’s the first one in Glee that I’ve actually identified with – I’ve never been bullied, I didn’t have to come out, I didn’t have ridiculous amounts of break ups or anything like that. School for me (and I assume a lot of others), WAS about academics and trying to balance social life, extra curriculars and maintaining excellent grades. It’s hard, and I get the stress he’s under, and I really want to see more of that.

    What I was looking for this season: Kurt and Blaine being cute and adorable in background moments (check), less guest stars (so far, check) and original plot lines for Mike, Tina, Mercedes and Santana (so far only check for Mike – Mercedes plot has been overdone way too much).

    Also, Glee, please stop talking about Glee Club being unpopular – Rachel is probably one of the most gorgeous girls in that school, I know at my school she’d be queen bee. They have 3 footballers and 2 cheerleaders, and the entire cast is beautiful. They went to Nationals (yeah, 12th place, but they are the 12th best show choir in the country in their second year? I mean come on, that’s fantastic). Why not, you know, change something up a bit?

    This has been a long Glee rant.

    • Flylikeadcriss

      Oh ok, now Mercedes is innmature, and what about Rachel, anyone notice that she is the selfish and innmature one?

  • Orose372

    I know their both good but didn’t she leave because she was better at the song she did? Not because she was better then Rachel in general (I mean she thought that too but I thought she was just pissed off because she deserved to get cast as the only one since she won compared to Rachel). Even Rachel admitted that Mercedes did better so if she actually did do better then doesn’t that mean Rachel shouldn’t get the part? And the ‘spicy curry blood’ wasn’t offensive to me. Its one of the biggest stereotypes out there and if shes pretending to be a vampire then it would probably pop into her head. But besides that I agree, I mean I get why Mercedes would be pissed off but at the same time she took it too far. I like the fact that their flawed (at times) but then Glee takes it too far and doesn’t develop the plot enough. I’m gonna continue to watch it in hopes that it improves but if it doesn’t Ill probably give up on it.

  • Tyrennii

    Off topic but why is there so long until the next episode?

    • Krissie

      They’re showing baseball playoffs, apparently. Dot Marie Jones mentioned it on Twitter.

  • MikeChanglover101

    ok first of all dont be dissin on my boy mike chang and its just the 3rd episode wait till the middle to get angry and bail cause right now there aint no glee and im pissed myself finding out that the nest episode is coming out in like a month ( november 1,2011)

  • Clare F

    Yes! This perfectly describes my thoughts. I started watching Glee because of Darren Criss and went in treating it like the other TV shows I watch – I expect a plot and decent characters that are both consistent. That kind of (basic) expectation lead intense frustration, so the hakuna matata approach is definitely needed.

    But for someone who hasn’t even watched all of the Glee episodes, it’s so frustrating and repetitive. We had a “Mercedes is frustrated with Rachel for always getting the leads and turns into a bitch” episode towards the end of last season! So not only is it a crappy plot, but it’s also repetitive.

  • Clare F

    Yes! This perfectly describes my thoughts. I started watching Glee because of Darren Criss and went in treating it like the other TV shows I watch – I expect a plot and decent characters that are both consistent. That kind of (basic) expectation lead intense frustration, so the hakuna matata approach is definitely needed.

    But for someone who hasn’t even watched all of the Glee episodes, it’s so frustrating and repetitive. We had a “Mercedes is frustrated with Rachel for always getting the leads and turns into a bitch” episode towards the end of last season! So not only is it a crappy plot, but it’s also repetitive.

  • Arwen

    I am late to this party, but I really wish they had cast Kurt as Maria. Missed opportunity, there.

    • Flylikeadcriss
      Typical stereotype.

  • Georgia Bea

    This was such an Alex-Like post. funny and ranty. love you!

  • LeeAnne

    Well, if this episode was your tipping point, I don’t know how you survived this long! Just about everything on Glee is Hakuna Matata. Now, I am happy/mortified to say that I watch it all the time, but it isn’t a realistic or… good show.

    I mean, to start with, it’s just crazy that everyone in this school is gorgeous and in their twenties. But, I don’t criticize them too much for that because lots of shows do that sort of thing.
    Then, how incredible is it that there are so. many. amazingly talented kids at this school? There is something in the water in Lima that mutates children into incredible singers/dancers. Most of the Glee kids didn’t even have any experience before New Directions. Amazing.
    Then, they’re always on about how much better Rachel is than everyone else. Rachel is great. But I can’t really see how she’s so much better than all the other kids. Quinn is also great, so is Mercedes, so is Tina, so is Santana. But I guess it’s a bit of suspension of disbelief. I’ll just pretend she’s better. :)
    I’ll never understand how they can learn these intricate harmonies and choreographies basically on the spot. It’s unbelievable! Virtually no practice, and they’ll sound and look great (even though sometimes they all moan about how much they suck… which is always confusing to me.)
    And let’s talk about the poor band. Most underappreciated band in the world. They know EVERY song ever written. Sometimes they don’t even need to be told what song someone is about to sing- they’ll just know! And these band kids are at every single Glee practice, and I don’t think that anyone has ever talked to them. I bet no one even knows their names. And they’ve been right their with New Directions all along the way! So sad.
    And how about how amazing it is that a brand new glee club is winning regionals etc. in their second year?? That would never happen in real life! It would take years to build up a strong enough program to start winning things.
    Also, all the kids in glee are super beautiful. There is no way that they’d be that unpopular. Have the writers ever seen a real high school? Even someone as annoying as Rachel would be real popular because she’s real beautiful. The first time I saw the show, I was really confused when I realized they were supposed to be unpopular.
    Oh, and how about how Figgins told Mr Schuester from the start that they could only use the costumes the school already had because they had such a small budget? They have new costumes three times an episode! Also, Schuester can really stretch a budget, because I’m pretty sure there have been fireworks or shooting flames or rockets taking off in the back of the stage more than once.

    I could go on. But I’ve been obnoxious enough. Suffice it to say, the show is just ridiculous. You can’t enjoy it and care about reality. You just watch it and be happy because sometimes they saw funny things and sing songs. It’s just Glee. :)

    As a side note, anyone who thinks Mercedes isn’t a giant bitch in this episode is crazy. I agree that everyone gives Rachel everything and a lot more songs and whatnot should be given to other people who are just as good. But. Mercedes was just bitchin out at Booty Camp and with the audtitions. Pfft.

    • Flylikeadcriss

      You just admit it “I agree that everyone gives Rachel everything and a lot more songs and whatnot should be given to other people who are just as good” and even no matter what a shitty attitude can have Rachel, she always get what she want. It’s really depressing.

  • Lolyta

    I’m kinda with you on the Hakuna Matata approach, but then again, I’m mainly a fantasy reader/watcher, so my suspension-of-disbelief muscle is well worked out. The Blaine being a Jr thing did freak me out a little – I was sure he was older than Kurt. Though, that may just have been because I was a Starkid fan first and weirdly thought he’d be coming in as an adult, like a TA or something. Since DC is my age and I’m a TA, my brain just decided that and it took me a while to convince it otherwise, lol.
    Aside from that, well… it’s a show full of spontaneous, perfectly-choreographed group numbers and soliloquies that turn into stae-performances. Meh. I don’t need it to make sense. :P
    ALTHOUGH, the one thing I noted in the comments was a lot of people taking offence to Will singing ‘Fix You’ to Emma because ‘OCD doesn’t need to be fixed/isn’t that kind of thing.’ Just wanted to point out from Emma’s side (I have both OCD and other mental disorders), my boyfriend introduced this song to me (he can’t sing) to try and give me the message within it. It’s sweet, and gorgeous, and I didn’t take it as he wanted to pluck out this part of who I am. That Emma was crying makes the point even more – he doesn’t want to change her, he just wants it to not hurt her anymore. Yup, I had tears in my eyes at that moment. I think the writers did a spot-on job with her, as they have with just about every beat she’s had thus far (except ret-conning her history, which has made me ask if they watch their own show, but most series do do that for the first year or two, as they decide what and who they want to be important.)
    tl;dr You’re right, it makes no sense, but it’s fluffy. And I<3Emma. And that song.

  • Enchanted_symphony

    I didn’t like this episode. One, no would vote for Rachel, not even her friends. And she really does not care about being president, she just wanted a back-up as she thought she was going to lose the role. If she wins, well it would not really be realistice. Two, this episode made me dislike Mercedes even more than in the Tater Tot episode. She is overly dramatic, and well a certain word ending in itch comes to mind. Yes she can sing, but does she have to throw a diva fit every episode. Its just like when they were talking about their struggles last season, she said something about being a closeted diva, I’m sorry but you were loud and full of ego from season 1 episode 1. Three, this season has really bothered me, first their is Sugar Moto, who’s character pretended to have Asperger’s Syndrome to use as an excuse for being rude to people. Seriously? This is as bad as Sue’s fake suicide attempt. Its making a mockery of serious issues. Yes its supposed to be a light hearted teen comedy, but they should not be making fun of serious issues. Suicide is devastating, and Asperger’s is not something that should be made to look like an excuse for rude behaviour. Then again this show even makes severe disabilities and syndromes look like a joke. And what happened to Sue wanting to fight for better health rights for indivduals like her sister, that seems lost in her unrealistic attempt to “take down the arts”. To me it seems like the writers of Glee have decided to throw plot out the window, inappropriately make light of serious issues, and push high school and life stereotypes to an extreme (this making it impossible to feel sympathy or like any character). I think I’ve made it clear, that I for one am finished with Glee.

  • Erindknight

    And the Asperger’s girl! Incredibly offensive to people who actually have that degree of autism. Glee made it sound like something funny that somebody made up. Very bad call, writers. I’m disgusted.

  • Mischief-managed

    My Glee tipping point was after the first twelve episodes. This shit needs to end.

  • Mykia Platt

    Ok, my turn to sound off. (2 weeks later haha) But first, the Aspergers girl, I could have done without her. Very annoying. Second, I also, very unexpectantly, find Blaine annoying now that he is at Mckinnley. I liked my “little taste” of Blaine every other episode and I really miss The Warblers. He just doesnt mesh with ND to me. Third, MIKE CHANG DID AWESOME!!!!!!! And finally, I have to comment on this Rachel/Mercedes the bitch thing. I dont understand how people can talk about Mercedes’s nasty attitude when she doesnt get her way when that has pretty much how Rachel has acted since the show has started. She may not be as vocal as Mercedes but she gets attitudes with Mr. Schue, goes on vow of silence strikes and pokes out those huge lips of her, manipulates people, sends people to crack houses, and still ends up with the solo at the end of the episode and never once threatened to be thrown out of ND. Now when Mercedes finally gets tired of it and expresses her opinion she is told she is borderline out the group and everyone says she is a bitch. I’m sorry but I would be pissed off too if I had to keep giving up the spotlight because the teacher doesnt want to hurt poor Rachel’s feelings. Especially if I know I did better at something and she knows it too. And what is Lazy about Mercedes? She dances just as much as Rachel dances. When Rachel has a solo, she is just standing infront of a mic too, not prancing around the stage. The only time she dances is when everyone else dances. In the group numbers. So come on ppl, give me a better argument on this. Ok Im done. Wait a min, one more thing. I think Ryan really needs to make a storyline of Artie’s robot legs. I want to see him dance again! Ok now im really done….

    • Flylikeadcriss

      That’s what i’m talking about, and right, mercedes is not lazy come on, just whatch people.
      Thank you so much!!

  • Guest

    i’m glad the episode gave some focus on mike even if it was predictable. im hoping for more background info on tina (i read she is adopted but it has yet to be confirmed on the show.)

    mercedes sudden change in attitude was a bit weird, tbh some of my friends thought she was pregnant .. but keep in mind shane was pushing her, as with night of neglect, lauren was pushing her then, so that’s why she was in diva mode

    personally, with rachel running… it is in her character, she still is selfish, and for once she actually saw that OTHER people are good at singing besides herself (mercedes).. she just really wants to get into NYADA. honestly i dont think she’s going to win as senior class president anyway, but i was kinda hoping she’d drop out after winning maria for kurt’s sake, as kurt was a good sport to blaine for winning the part of tony.

    i also found it a bit weird for quinn to want her baby back after giving it up, but it’s been a year and she did lose her bf, they didnt win at nationals, etc .. and sue, out of everyone, from EVEN SEASON ONE (so you watched 2 seasons), has done some downright illegal things (if this were real life, she’d be behind bars and fired ages ago) and so i wouldnt blame quinn for not wanting to be a cheerleader either.

    i’m glad they explained it more in episode 4, saying she sees her daughter as perfect where quinn screwed up — she still needs to grow up a bit, along with santana and mercedes. thats what rly bugged me, was how santana was still concerned about her status, got kicked off new directions only to join quickly again AND THEN leave AGAIN in a fit. but honestly, it’s in her character, so it’s not bad writing, santana is simply an immature character. (i like her character btw, as i do with everyone else on glee.. i am hoping she will mature a bit this season. the brittany and satana moments are cute)

    as for some of the comments that ppl posted.. glee is a SHOW. it serves its purpose as entertaining (it still is for me.) so of course convienently there will be band members and that piano guy wherever they decide to perform. at least they didnt decide to miraculous make artie be able to walk again on his own.

  • Robyn Matias-Jenkins

    ….Are we seriously analyzing a musical TV show THIS much?

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, I used to really like Glee and identify with the characters, now I don’t care what happens to them. And props to you Ryan Murphy for the racial stereotypes!
    That being said, I enjoy every time Mike Chang is on the screen and making swooshing sounds.

  • jabenso1

    I find it really difficult to watch any of the Mercedes [email protected]#$ episodes because they always try to portray Mercedes as on equal footing or sometimes even better than Rachel. I mean I realize it’s supposed to be Television Magic, but I find it hard to pretend that the Moon is brighter than the Sun. Mercedes is a good singer, no doubt… but Rachel makes her look like the annoying what’s-her-face who’s dad started the new choir. In Mercedes “better” performance she starts sounding thin (lacking vocal depth) and about half way through the song her voice has a few seconds of reedy quality on a note she either can’t hit or can’t hold. I try to maintain Suspension of Disbelief for the sake of Television Magic… but come on, make it plausible.

  • Roz B

    :o )

  • Roz B

    Better late than never!

    ‘Asian F’ was one of the best episodes Glee produced. The story was fluid and the cast performance was top-notch.

    I wasn’t sure why Mercedes had difficulty performing Mr. Shue’s ‘West Side Story’ dance routine, however. She seemed perfectly capable of executing routines as a ‘Troubletones’ member, so it did leave me a little perplexed. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed her story and her version of ‘Spotlight.’ In fact, I’ve rewound my DVR to watch her break-out in song more than a dozen times. From Brittany and Tina as back-up singers, to the camera panning away from Mercedes to Rachel and Mr. Shue…I loved it all. The story and the song fit seamlessly, and the acting that accompanied it made it that much more intense. My overall impression of Mercedes story was self-empowerment and re-discovering one’s self-worth; and I just wanted to tell Glee writers, “I get it!” Well done!

    Anyway, I enjoyed Mike Chang’s backstory and was thrilled to see Tamlyn Tomita guest-staring as his mother. Watching Mike help his mother (Tamlyn) re-discover her love of dancing was magic and it was a thrill to watch his face light-up when he learned of their shared passion. It was great to see him struggle between his father’s wishes and his desire to dance. Very touching; and I absolutely love Tina. As sweet as she can be, she does not take any mess from anyone; and wasn’t about to start with Mike.

    I also loved Brittany S. Pierce’s “Girls” anthem. It totally rocked and she is an awesome dancer. I am officially jealous, lol. That girl can move! Watching her and the Cheerios (wait…did I see Tina in that crowd, too?) dance to Beyonce’s “Who Runs the World” was fantastic.

    And I was relieved to see Sam back in McKinley High, though I’m a little confused about his living arrangements. Where exactly does he live, now that he’s moved back to Ohio?

    And speaking of Brittany’s anthem, isn’t it ironic that when a character like Mercedes actually goes after what she wants, that most viewers balked at it. Mercedes was too much of a ‘Diva’ and generally villified by viewers when she competed for the part of Maria yet it seems perfectly acceptable for others like Rachel, Quinn, and Sanatana to go after what they want, no matter how controversial those methods were. I guess ‘girl power’ is only reserved for girls who’s chins wobble as they tearfully gaze at the screen or for those who fit every boy’s wet-dream. Anyway, loved the episode. Viewer expectation (and the double-standards that accompany it) may suck cucumbers with a creamy filling, but I still loved this episode.

  • Flylikeadcriss
  • iLoveMercedesJones

    Thank you very much for sharing your opinions of this episode. I must say you are way too wrong about Mercedes jones being bicth queen or whatever you call it. She had a reason to act like she did, eventhough it was wrong for blaming rachel for Mr scue’s mistake. Mercedes jones never she never got a solo not a single one in reginals, sectional, natinals, but rachel gets it all everytime accept in season2. What i’m trying to say is that, when you posses power-house vocals like that you need to show them off. And tell me why did rachel had to share the spotlight with her on her first ever lead. Why is always rachel rachel, why can’t she just shine alone? Why?

  • Marquis Jones

    Mercedes Jones was being a bitch? Can we go down the history of Rachel Berry’s condescending, conceited moments. Literally every other episode! Even though, I admit, it extremely difficult to discern which is the greater….They both have good quality voices…..but Mercedes was bitchy a few times compared to Rachel’s condescending character which spanned most of the seasons