Five Awesome Things to Come From the New Harry Potter Story


In the Harry Potter fandom, lightning never strikes just once. The same morning of Diagon Alley’s grand opening, fans woke up to something completely unexpected: a glimpse at where our favorite characters are now. A Daily Prophet article, published through Pottermore and written by Rita Skeeter, expanded on Quidditch World Cup coverage with a focus on Dumbledore’s Army alumni.

Given that J.K. Rowling pulled a Beyoncé on us with this surprise release, the reactions have made up for the lack of anticipation. The fandom exploded and everybody watched it happen. Here are some of our favorite things to come from today.

1) This ClickHole Article.

Oh, ClickHole, you beautiful website. Their obligatory Harry Potter article listed their eight favorite things from the story, all of which totally happened. We tried to choose a favorite, but every word is golden:

“1. Everyone Was Wearing Capes: J.K. Rowling spent most of the story going into precise and vivid detail on the capes people wore to the Hogwarts reunion. Our favorite? Neville Longbottom’s velvet mid-length.

2. Harry’s Previously Unmentioned Best Friend Gavin Appears for the First Time: Never once mentioned in the original books, Harry’s best friend Gavin appears for the first time in the new story, and we’re led to believe that he was actually present for most of the events described in the series. He and Harry seem to get along really well.

3. The Adjectives: As usual, Rowling is in top form with her use of adjectives, using ones like “silver,” “eccentric,” and even the impressively hyphenated “style-deficient.”

4. Hermione and Ron Hired a Surrogate: It was nice to see that Ron and Hermione have overcome Hermione’s barren womb, first addressed in The Goblet Of Fire, in bringing a very pregnant surrogate to the reunion.

5. Better Hagrid: We were left floored after we found out that shortly after the events of the final book, Hagrid was eaten by a bigger, identical version of Hagrid, who the characters call “Better Hagrid.”

6. Shocking Revelations: We were equally stunned by the somewhat bizarre moment where Hermione sadly reveals that Hollywood star Justin Long died in a car accident in 2018.

7. New Powers: Easily the best part of the whole story was the revelation of all the new magical abilities Harry had learned since we last saw him, including the power to transform into a beehive, the power to transform into an ant mound, and the power to transform into a spiderweb.
8. The Ghost of Dumbledore: Even though it is never mentioned in the story, we assume the ghost of Dumbledore was there watching over the festivities.”

2) These tweets from Evanna Lynch.

evy tweet 1
evy tweet 2
evy tweet 3

No commentary needed.

3) This video from Kristina Horner.

Kristina’s awesome reaction video both captures the excitement we all felt and raises some very interesting points about the article. Kristina Horner is our patronus.

4) New Harry Potter content. Duh.

On the whole, it’s been a good year to be a Harry Potter fan… but isn’t it always? Still, no matter how often news breaks, it’s never any less thrilling. We would have been beside ourselves if this were Rita Skeeter reporting on Filch’s grocery list. The fact that it’s a glimpse at where so many of our favorite characters are now just makes it all the better. Despite Rita Skeeter’s questionable-at-best reporting, there are glimmers of obvious truths in the article that make it feel like a reunion with old friends. And maybe it’s just that.

It was also a reunion in that we all stopped our muggle lives for a couple of hours to geek out together. No timeline, dashboard, or homepage was spared. It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last, but it’s still one of the best things to see. Ever.

5) A reminder that we’re not going anywhere.

The buzz surrounding the article extended far into muggle circles. There were myriad trending topics (#HarryPotterIsBack, for one) and headlines celebrating this return as though we were ever gone. This happens with every bit of Potter news that breaks into the mainstream: the fandom is referred to as some dormant creature – a sleeping dragon just waiting to be tickled, if you will.

We know better.

Sure, the days where we get incredible news are some of the best ones, some of the loudest ones. But the days where we sit around discussing the stories, planning our LeakyCon trips, participating in Harry Potter Alliance campaigns, listening to wizard rock, and enjoying the friendships we’ve made here are just as good. There is always the comfort that “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome [us] home,” whether by page, screen, or theme park, and we’re grateful for that. We just happen to know that home doesn’t have to be physical – it’s, very simply, our everyday.

So when the buzz dies down, we’ll still be here. We have conventions to count down to, Diagon Alley to daydream about, and a new story to reread. We have all that and so much more.

  • Katie

    The ending of this article made me cry. Thanks, Leaky team.