First Supenatural Season 12 Promo Now Online

Managing Editor

Hey guys – have you missed me?

We’re just about a month away from the Supernatural season 12 premiere, and the CW had graciously decided to share a first teaser for the show’s return.

Also: I had a feeling the promo would be coming out today because A. the exclusive Entertainment Weekly cover story drops today and B. my timehop for today included 2 posts about Supernatural promos.

Yeah. That’s pretty much a look into my life.

Anywho hit play and then let’s do a little digging.

First off: it’s always nice when the CW promo department tries to reference in-show quotes. Like they did a couple years ago with the “Tuesday” bumps. But I can’t help but shake my head at the fact that they got the Winchester family mottos BACKWARDS. Guys. It’s “saving people” first, “hunting things” second. I liked their effort overall though. A nice call out for their most established show.

It’s kind of awesome to see that once Mary gets used to being back on the mortal plane she’s getting right back to hunting. And judging by the way Cas asks “You brought your mother?” I’m betting Dean didn’t want her to leave the bunker. Yeah. Good luck buddy. Your mom is a badass and I’m looking forward to her schooling all of you. And her awkward conversations with Cas about his intentions with her eldest son. (Hey! I made it like 3 paragraphs before bringing up Destiel frankly I deserve an award!)

We also see Sam tied up and being tortured so that’s par for the course. Poor Sam. Hopefully we rescue him within the first two episodes.

Castiel also seems to have given himself a mission of finding and killing Lucifer. There’ve been a couple of reports that we’ll have a Cas-centric episode this year and now we can guess they’ll probably be based around this mission. (I bet this Sam and Dean-lite ep is mainly for the purpose of giving Jared and Jensen more time off. Which I support because I want them to get to episode 300. But I also hate a little because I like seeing the trio working together more than I like seeing them separate.)

And lastly we got our first glimpse of Jessie’s Girl’s Boy himself, Rick Springfield, as Lucifer. It’s hard to gauge how this will go over because he only had one taunting line to deliver to Crowley, but I’m hoping they gave him a crash course in Mark Pellegrino so that Lucifer retains a lot of his character.

Well. That’s about as much as I can wrangle out of a 20 second clip. Are you guys excited for season 12? You SHOULD BE. You know why? Because it only just occurred to me that we might get a Wayward Daughters sequel with Jody and Donna and Alex and Claire and special guest MARY WINCHESTER. Cmon. Jody telling Mary all about her boys. Donna making corny jokes with her. Mary helping Alex cope with all that goes bump in the night. Claire asking Mary for hunting tips because the boys are lousy teachers and Jody can only give her basic knowledge. I want ALL OF THIS.

Supernatural returns to the CW Thursday October 13th at 9pm