First Look: The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug First Trailer


The first trailer for the second part of The Hobbit movie trilogy was released today.

In the preview, we get a speech from Thranduil to Thorin, summarizing the journey the dwarves have set out on. Glimpses of barrels rolling down a river lead up to a surprise visit from Legolas. I had to pause my viewing of the movie to scream a little bit, because I didn’t expect him to have more than a short cameo in the film. The trailer makes it seem like Legolas will have a larger role to play.

We also finally see Tauriel, a character who doesn’t exist in the books. Tauriel is the general in charge of Thranduil’s army, specifically written to be a strong female character due to the lack of one in the original book. She and Legolas disagree over the role of the elves in the battle with Smaug. Tauriel thinks that they should combat evil, while Legolas says that they shouldn’t engage.

Short scenes of Bilbo in Smaug’s pile of gold and also hiding from Mirkwood spiders stay true to the book, while other scenes involving Radagast and Gandalf are added material from the Appendixes of the Lord of the Rings. The trailer continues with Bard the Bowman warning that killing Smaug will destroy the town, and quick fight scenes build up the drama.

The trailer ends slowly, finally showing us Smaug. Though his face is cast in the shadow and we don’t hear his voice, the dragon looks terrifyingly perfect.

Is it December 13th yet?


What part of the trailer were you most excited about?

  • Brad Ausrotas

    I am so PUMPED for this. Anyone who says this franchise doesn’t deliver is sleeping.

  • Kirsty Turnbull

    I finished reading the book a few days ago, and all I can think is I KNOW THAT BIT!

  • alex dahlberry

    AHHHHHHhhhHhh!!! I’m so excited for all of this! The female character seems amazing, and I love how she’s the general. Not only is that a strong role, but it also doesn’t really ADD an unnecessary character to the story, seeing as an army needs a general anyway.
    AND LEGOLAS! His eyes look bluer than before, but maybe that comes with youth :P