First Look at Groot’s Solo Comic


Groot goes solo in his own Marvel comic. How will he fair without Rocket by his side?

Back in March we learned that Groot was finally getting his time in the spotlight away from his partner in crime, Rocket. The Guardians of the Galaxy character surprised movie creators by being the fan favorite, and it only seems right that he get his own comic. Well, Marvel has released a first look at Groot #1 and you can check out the first few pages below!

GeekyNews - Groot

GeekyNews - Groot #1

GeekyNews - Groot #1GeekyNews - Groot #1

GeekyNews - Groot #1

When Rocket and Groot are on an intergalactic roadtrip and calamity strikes, the two get separated — and for the first time in years, Groot’s on his own! Written by comedic ace Jeff Loveness (“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”) and drawn by Marvel Comics newcomer Brian Kesinger (Disney Animation), get a front row seat for EXPLOSIONS, SPACE SHARKS, ALIENS, AND INTERGALACTIC HITCHHIKING (YEAH, BABY! YOU READ THAT RIGHT)! Whatever may be coming Groot’s way, one thing’s for sure — it’s going to be a GROOT adventure!

Groot #1 will land in your local comic book store in June.