First Dexter Season 8 Footage

Here we go, Dexter fans. The very first scenes from the eighth and possibly final (more on that in a second) season of the serial-killer-turned-soccer-mom show are here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Bundled into this promo for new show, Ray Donovan, which premiers the same day as Dexter, we see the immediate consequences of the stunning season seven finale. Deb is an emotional wreck, Dex is as remorseless as ever, and as we know, nothing will ever be the same. We know the endgame is coming for Dexter. We know he’s going to eventually get caught. We also know that Yvonne Strahinsky (the alluring Hannah McKay) will be returning for a guest role, though in what capacity is anyone’s guess.


But will the show be ending this season? Who can say. On the one hand, Michael C. Hall himself has said this would be the last. It’s widely rumored that this is the case. A leaked conference call with investors supposedly had the CEO of CBS discussing a post-Dexter lineup. But at the same time, Showtime has been stalwart in its refusal to comment on the end of the series. Surely, given how close it is to the season premiere, such a thing would be confirmed by now.

There’s rampant speculation in that regard, and here’s my theory: Showtime planned to end the show with season 8, but the strong ratings from last season have given them pause. The show really did a turn-around last season compared to the critical panning that season 6 received. So either they’re going to try and draw it out to season 9, or they have something else in the works. I have no idea what that could be, but their refusal to comment on this is definitely deliberate.

You can watch the footage right here. What do you guys think?