“Fear the Walking Dead” – Highest Ever 1st Season Ratings

Walking Dead fans have no need to fear that their favorite set of zombie series will be going anywhere (aside from their TV/electronic devices) anytime soon. The initial season of The Walking Dead companion series Fear the Walking Dead ended this past Sunday with the highest ratings for a first-season show in cable history, reports AMC.

According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC president Charlie Collier said in a statement:

When we set out to launch a companion series to the No. 1 show on television, there were truly many things to fear, beyond Fear itself. To see this show stand alone, break through and set records as a unique piece of storytelling is very gratifying and a tribute to great creative talent.

The show has definitely been able to stand alone and establish its own popularity despite the many differences between stories.

This brings forth the question of how much cable viewership versus non-cable watching is affecting not just this series, but television shows in general. Clearly fans are still watching the show on cable, enough to set records even; however, this show’s viewership was likely boosted compared to others because it is a companion series to a wildly popular show in turn based off of popular comic books. It is interesting to see that a show favored by many younger, millennial viewers, is still doing well on cable. Apparently we just can’t wait for a show this epic to be uploaded onto Netflix months later. The popularity of Fear the Walking Dead on cable, at the very least, says that we need zombies, now.

Without Fear the Walking Dead to look forward to on Sundays, fans will instead have the original series back for its sixth season this Sunday at 9pm Eastern Standard Time on AMC.