“Fault in Our Stars” Casting Spec Continues: Augustus Waters


Hey, you know what’s harder than casting Hazel Grace Lancaster? Casting her superhot, witty, metaphor-loving, martyr-complex-having, cigarette-dangling, defined-jawline-rocking boyfriend, Augustus Waters. This is worse than Finnick, and woe betide the poor boy who gets the role, because that is one impressive shoe he has got to fill. Playing “The Fault in Our Stars”‘ male hero can be a career-maker for a young actor, so in choosing five young people we tried to broaden our view beyond “pretty” to include “soulful” and maybe a little unexpected. One thing became very clear as we hashed this out: opinions will vary widely. We hope you like ours, and we look forward to seeing yours in the comments!

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  • Sophie

    Kyle harris definitely has the right face for augustus, in my opinion

  • http://www.facebook.com/matty.almond.9 Matty Almond

    I could actually see this happening

    • http://leakynews.com LeakyNews

      Which one?

  • Chrissy

    I’m hoping for Logan Lerman! He was my top choice before I even read this list.

  • Hannah

    I love Logan and Ezra for two of the choices.

    • http://leakynews.com LeakyNews

      Some people are saying Isaac is good for Ezra…that’s another possibility!

      • http://twitter.com/karakamos Kara

        Ooh, I could definitely see Ezra as Isaac. Otherwise, I’m not sure. I might go for Logan Lerman as Augustus, because he was great in Perks, but I also don’t know most of the other guys.

  • http://twitter.com/accionadine Nadine

    I think Nicholas Hoult would be the worst choice becasue I can simply not picture him as Augustus. He is still too much Tony for me and that would kinda ruin it. Plus he doesn’t really fit my image of Augustus, appearance-wise.

    Dylan O’Brien needs to stop. Seriously. He is amazing and everyone who has seen Teen Wolf knows what that guy can do with his guys and mouth alone. Like he tells everything by his facial expressions and that is an amazing quality for an actor.

    Ezra Miller. I AM SO IN LOVE. Yes, this is my favorite choice. He is amazing, fuill of energy, incredibly talented and even the hair works perfectly in my mind. I loved him as Patrick and it definitely comes the part of Augustus much closer than his character in We Need to Talk About Kevin but that performance blew me away and there is so much more in Ezra that we haven’t seen.

    I am offended that people think Augustus is as hardto play as Charlie because there is so much more depth to Charlie than there will ever be to Augustus. So Logan Lerman is a good choice because I am 100% sure he can pull it off. I had a different picture of Augustus in my mind but I could adjust to Logan for sure.

    • TK

      Funny that you say that about Nicholas. I have only seen him in Warm Bodies, and I think from that, he’s a really GOOD fit. Granted, here’s the new thing to consider: what they look like next to Shailene, now that she’s been cast as Hazel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646371872 Elizabeth Lee Hammons

    Logan would be so good, but you are right about Kyle Harris, he has the perfect look.

    • Hannah

      I’m actually betting on Logan Lerman on landing this role because of the director. But I’m actually glad about that. At least, he could act and I would scream nonetheless.

    • http://twitter.com/7Lia7 Lia Cavasotto

      I think it would be really unfortunate if Logan was cast as Augustus. While i loved him in Perks, I don’t think he can pull of the air of confidence that Augustus needs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/accionerdfighter Zachary Solo Wilson

    I like the idea of Alden Ehrenreich, who is playing Ethan in Beautiful Creatures, as Augustus Waters.

    • Chaya

      Good eye!

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  • mia

    A mix between Logan and Ezra would be perfect ;) I think Ezra has a kind of energy that would fit Augustus well

  • Kaci

    Dylan O’Brien would be perfect. His acting is just utterly flawless.

  • samantha

    dylan would be amazing !

  • http://twitter.com/19yearslater Sarah Moe

    Hm, I’m not sure. I thought Hazel immediately when Abigail was suggested but I didn’t have an aha! moment for any of the Augustuses. I think any of these men would be wonderful, and it may be in part that Logan and Ezra are in my head playing other emotional teenaged characters that I love.

  • kix

    EZRA MILLER!!! (but with short hair)

  • nad

    Tom Felton would be great!

  • Natalia

    Kyle Harris, definitely. A pair of blue contacts and he’d be perfect. He’s so hot!

  • Allison

    I just can’t see anyone playing Augutus. He’s just one of those characters that needs to stay fictional, because I’m afraid they’re going to cast him completely wrong

    • imjustateenagephangirlbaby

      so true

  • Ad

    its a no brainer for me Logan Lerman would bring depth charm charisma to augustus. And leaky you should have used pics of him in fault magazine & block magazine with cigarette. Gus all the way

  • Elissa

    Grant Gustin would be a perfect choice for Augustus, I think. Logan is my second choice!!

    • http://twitter.com/7Lia7 Lia Cavasotto

      YEs!! Grant Gustin would be perfect I think, the only thing is he’s a bit old to be playing Augustus.

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  • lois

    In my mind its always been Ellen Page

  • that girl

    Callan McAuliffe WOULD BE PERFECT.

    please please please

  • http://twitter.com/earthtokoleen n̶o̶t̶ ̶k̶o̶l̶e̶e̶n̶

    I have always pictured Freddie Highmore.. I mean.. He would make a great Augustus Waters. I realized that more while watching The Art of Getting By. Don’t you think? https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/268990_219055484804882_1900588_n.jpg

  • Paige Warsap – Whiteman

    Logan Lerman is just how I imagined Augustus Waters ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/amelia.schwartz.1 Amelia Schwartz

    Although I adore Logan Kerman and think that he would do a great job as Augustus I feel like he already played that sad coming of age role in perks. I know that Augustus is entirely different than Charlie but I don’t think Logan would do two YA book movies in a row. Personally, out of the five I think Kyle Harris would be the best.

  • Olivia Scott-Whilde

    Andrew Garfield is my Augustus. I will let no one else play him! Except maybe Grant Gustin. But Andrew Garfield has the PERFECT crooked smile to play him.

  • tali hertyuiopiopui

    Ezra miller would be absolutely perfect if he cut his hair! he’s a great actor and is gorgeous..just needs to cut his hair!

  • tali hertyuiopiopui

    for me, it comes down to either kyle harris or ezra miller. I think ezra miller is better looking though.

  • rm

    what about Daniel Sharman from TW? That’s who I pictured when I read the book :)

    • http://twitter.com/Leah617 Leah Cornish

      We didn’t want to flood the post with Teen Wolf but I agree. Daniel Sharman would make a fantastic Gus! His smile is killer.

  • Rich

    James Gaisford, please. Just. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtDldI8dduU

  • Nessa

    Ezra Miller. All the way
    He’s exactly who I pictured while reading the book

  • gina

    beau mirchoff please

  • bosco

    What about Daniel Sharman?

    • Brooke Awhina

      yes! I 100% agree! or dylan obrein♥

  • Mika

    Callan McAuliffe or Colin Ford. Either of them would be a perfect choice as Augustus. I swear.

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  • damnyouherondale

    I dont know about you but Joshua Anthony Brand is my Gus <3 It has to be either him or Logan Lerman because anything else and I will metaphorically gouge my eyes out because I dont want to see a world where Gus is incorrectly portrayed….and for you TID fans out there, you probably know him as our Will Herondale <3

    • http://twitter.com/7Lia7 Lia Cavasotto

      I’ve been hearing about how people are pulling for this Anthony fellow, has he ever acted before?? Or is this purely based on physicall appearance??

      • victoria

        that’s the same thing i’m wondering. yeah, he’s got the looks. but does he even act? and if he does, is he even a good actor?

    • Angela Zheng

      Yes yes yes I’m a huge TID fan and I really want them to make a movie. Joshua Anthony Brand is perfect as Will Herondale

    • http://twitter.com/irazu_zaval BrownEyesAndBrunette

      I NEED JOSHUA TO BE GUS, i wouldn’t like any other guy to be gus

    • Janessa Ma

      Yes Joshua is DEFINITELY Will Herondale but I just can’t see him as Augustus.

  • damnyouherondale

    thats who i was talking about:

  • Limi

    Ezra Miller would be perfect. He was the only one who came to my mind when I heard they were making TFIOS into a movie.

  • eveandchloe

    ezra miller will always be augustus in my eyes, he has always been pefect for this character. his looks, his personality, everything! there’s nothing you can fault with ezra. he has to play him.

  • NoelleCD

    I feel like too mant people are basing their opinions on looks. Who cares if an actor LOOKS like Augustus if they can’t capture his character?

    The only person I can really see playing Augustus and capturing his every nuance is Dylan O’brien. I felt it before, but after seeing “The First Time”, my opinion is sealed. Dylan is PERFECT. The only choice.

  • Evi

    To be honest, as soon as I read Augustus’ features, my mind immidiately went to Logan Lerman. I will be pretty dissapointed if he doesn’t get the role..

  • Alice

    Ellen Page as Hazel and Logan Lerman as Augustus!!!!!

  • Helena


  • pinkokbyme

    Andrew Garfield, Grant Gustin, or Aaron Johnson all have the perfect Augustus look! I’m hoping they don’t go with Logan. He was great in Perks, but he’s just not my Augustus. Ezra Miller would be interesting to see though!

    • Andrea

      I’m glad someone else was thinking Andrew. :)


    kickthepj would be SO PERFECT

  • Bubblebutts

    PJ Liguori. Yes this must happen.

    • nikki

      haha omg a youtuber fan woot woot

  • Min

    What about CARTER JENKINS?

  • Min

    What about Carter Jenkins?

  • The Fault In Our Butts

    I’m batting for Ezra for either Augustus or Isaac. Also, John Green needs to cameo as Patrick.

  • Morgan

    i always pictured Augustus as a young Nicholas Hoult–very tall, pale, gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair, like how he looked as Tony in Skins. but I dont think he could do it now because he might look too old to play 17. Although I love Logan Lerman, I think he’s all wrong for Augustus. And since so many people love both perks and tfios i think it would be weird for him to be the face of both movies. Also, Augustus is supposed to be tall and Logan is probably shorter than Shailene Woodley. I absolutley love Dylan O’Brien and even though he’s not exactly what i pictured i could adjust easily. And i actually think Kyle Harris would be great! He’s so cute and it would be great to see them pick a fresh face.

  • Something

    Logan Lerman is almost p e r f e c t for the role of Augustus Waters. I said “almost” because Gus is literally too good for this world, other than having only 1.4 legs. I really hope Logan gets the role!

  • Tricia Sparks

    Logan Lerman PLEASE

  • http://twitter.com/7Lia7 Lia Cavasotto

    I see Augustus as a Grant Gustin / Asher Book looking type. If they could find a nobody with a lot of talent just waiting to be unleashed, with those looks, I think that would be the perfect choice for Augustus.

  • maddie

    Joshua Anthony Brand

  • Jamie

    As much as I love Logan, I do NOT think he would make a good Gus. He just doesn’t have the presence and charisma that I imagine Gus having, in my opinion. I’m pulling for Grant Gustin on this one.

  • Brianna

    I think it should be Joshua Anthony Brand. He is perfect for it! I saw a picture of him as Augustus Waters and it is meant to be. I hope it is him!!!!

  • Christina

    Andrew Garfield! I didn’t know I wanted it until someone suggested it, but now I definitely want it! And to anyone who says he’s too old: he’s younger than Shailene Woodley.

    • Jessie

      no, he’s not. He’s 29 – she’s 21. I love him, but I do think he might be a bit old for the part.

  • anonymous


  • Eva

    Seriously, please please please cast Joshua Brand! I don’t know him except for his looks but they are exactly what I pictured while reading the book.

  • nikki

    it should be joe sugg aka thatcherjoe from youtube guys

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  • Jane

    Kyle Harris has the face definitely.

  • lulli

    To me Dylan O’Brien IS Augustus!! His energy is unmatched. Aside from being a phenomenal actor, he is undeniably charismatic, ruggedly handsome, charming, witty, funny & sensitive. His smile is heart melting. For anyone who has seen his work you know he is capable of making us laugh & cry. I would LOVE to see Dylan as Augustus & Ezra as Isaac. I think they’d be awesome together. This fangirl would be dead.

    • http://between-each-smil3.tumblr.com/ Brooke Awhina

      Yes, preach it sister!

  • Amelia

    i imagine him with a very square and manly and chiseled, yet soft and cute face, and i don’t know of anyone who could fill the spot. we also have to take into account someone who would look good on screen with Shailene.

  • Keilla

    joshua brand, man

  • Em

    I do wonder why only one out of the five actors looks like he could play basketball in a real team. I mean it’s all nice to search for good looking actors that can share his emotions on screen, but Augustus was a good basketball player and I think this criteria was forgotten

  • RYCBAR123

    Guys if this isn’t the face of Gus then I don’t know…

    • RYCBAR123

      here’s his lovely face woops

  • Sabrina

    Joshua Anthony Brand needs to be Gus.

  • MizGolightly

    Evan Peters as Augustus. Ezra as Isaac.

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  • Maddie C.

    At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if Logan Lerman got the role of Augustus- a lot of people want him to. As much as I love him, I’d be a bit disappointed if he were cast for it. For me, Logan was amazing as Charlie in Perks, but he has too much boyish cuteness for Augustus Waters. He needs more confidence and, I don’t know… something else. I suppose he’s better than having someone awful play him, but still. I’d prefer one of the other four options.

  • Janessa Ma

    Why does nobody see Zac Efron as Augustus Waters? He would be PERFECT. Trying to picture Logan as Gus just feels wrong (sorry) I don’t think that he is mature enough to act or look the part of Augustus. Joshua Anthony Brand is a close secong on my Augustus list, but Zac Efron is definatly my main man for Gus.

  • victoria

    i honestly believe logan lerman is the best choice. although he may lack the confidence augustus has (we don’t really know. most of his roles aren’t very confident characters) i think he’d be a great choice

  • alison

    out of all of them, i don’t see dylan o’brien as gus. i just wouldn’t like for him to be augustus waters. i just can’t picture it. i’m sure ezra miller would do an amazing job though, but he would do great as isaac too.

  • Angie

    Logan Lerman!

  • Kate

    People may laugh at this, but here goes… Has anyone considered Jean-Baptiste Maunier??? He looks like Joshua Brand, and knows how to act, and is really tall and charismatic. Just saying… He could be good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chloe.burton.14 Chloe Burton

    I hate all of the picks for Gus. Not even close. GRANT GUSTIN.

  • Ally Munson


  • Katie

    I think Logan would be good but he seems a little too famous (lame, I know, but come on). I think Aaron Johnson fits the look but I’m not sure about the acting.

  • Hannahx

    I think that that nicholas holt is the best one. He can be sarcastic, lovely and so on at the same time!

  • Tami

    I just don’t think that Logan should be Augustus. Augustus, to me, seems determined yet kind of dangerous in a way. I could see Logan playing the role but I don’t think he’d pull it off as well as someone else could. Logan may have captured the hearts of all us teenage girls in Perks but I cant see him as Augustus Waters. If he acted in this movie I would think of him as Charlie

  • not telling


  • AkaFred

    I’m all for either one of the nick or one of the last two. Those 3 seemed the best out of this bunch. The main reason I DO NOT want Logan playing Augustus is because I’ve always pictured him as Pudge when I read Looking for Alaska, and if he’s cast in this, if Alaska is ever made into a movie, he’ll never be cast as Pudge.

    My personal choice for Augustus is Cameron Bright. My second option would be Andrew Garfield. I know that Ansel Elgort has been offered the part, but these are just my opinions :)

  • meh

    pj liguori, totally. Those eyes and his smile really reminds me of Augustus.

  • Marifer

    Logan Lerman!!!! He is PERFECT for the role !

  • Marifer

    Please ! Logan Lerman :’( he is my Augustus

  • Marifer

    Logan Lerman is my Augustus ! He is PERFECT for the role !!! :’)

  • Rachel

    Joshua Anthony brand is perfect for the role. I imagine him as Gus. He fits the roll perfectly

  • Ricki

    As I was reading The Fault In Our Stars, for some reason in my mind Logan Lerman was Augustus. He is an outstanding actor and he did great as Charlie in the Perks. I think he’d make one hell of an Augustus, I hope he lands the role!

    • Jaimie Oldfield

      oh my goshhh preach it women!

  • Jade

    I say Logan Lerman for sure! I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Augustus but him.

  • Jaimie Oldfield

    When i read the book i pictured someone like Logan Lerman!!! He is absolutely perfect for Gus! I also think that Joshua Brand is also great! He would be amazing also!

  • Mary

    Ezza Miller would make a great Issac but not an Augustus Waters

  • Mary

    Though he is a little old for the role Chord Overstreet would be a great Augustus Waters and he is physically able of looking younger.

  • Clarissa

    I know someone who looks like how I picture Augustus! His name is Joshua Anthony Brand!

  • maria garay

    Joshua Anthony Brand should have been Augustus Waters he was perfect for the role but they picked Ansel Elgort. Why?

  • http://between-each-smil3.tumblr.com/ Brooke Awhina

    I love Dylan O’Brien to bits and his acting skills are A-MAZ-ING but i think hes too dorky to play Gus, I think it should be Daniel Sharman

  • marcela

    Ansel Elgort would be a perfect Augustus Waters. He perfectly captures the character’s personality. And he totally has Augustus’s good looks.