Fantastic Beasts Gets New Poster, Teases VidCon Announcement


All has been a little quiet on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them front. Okay, it’s only been two months since we got a teaser trailer for the film and J.K. Rowling revealed she would be publishing the screenplay, but it’s been a long two months.

Today, as we trek slowly toward Fantastic Beasts’ November 18 release,  the movie’s official Facebook page released a brand-new poster.

FB teaser poster


The poster features British magizoologist Newt Scamander in New York, standing atop a ruined building—one that has likely had a monstrous bite taken out of it by one of Newt’s escaped beasts. Additionally, it looks like the wizard might be wearing the potential Hufflepuff scarf we saw inside his suitcase in the trailer. Judging from the building’s destruction, it seems like all the Lumox Maxmimas in the world may not be enough to help Newt round up all of his creatures.

Of note, however, is the caption that accompanied the photo on Facebook.

A new piece of art to celebrate a new era of the Wizarding World! And stay tuned because something FANTASTIC at #vidcon2016 is being announced soon… #FantasticBeasts

A new announcement? Color us intrigued! Will it be a new trailer? Will the movie be included in one of Universal’s parks? We can only wait with baited breath for VidCon—which takes place in Anaheim, California—to begin on June 23.