Fanmade Star Wars Franchise Trailer Focuses on Skywalker Family and The Force

Let’s face it, most people who went to see The Force Awakens probably also saw the other six Star Wars movies, or at the very least the original trilogy. So we all know what happens in Episodes I to VI and are familiar with the characters and major storylines. For those who haven’t seen any of the movies, including the newest installment, and those of us who are big enough nerds to enjoy anything Star Wars even if it’s just well known clips put together in an epic fashion, Fandango Movieclips released this incredible franchise trailer yesterday.

The trailer focuses on the Skywalker family, from Anakin to Luke and insinuating that Rey, as many have speculated, may be Luke’s daughter, and portrays their role in the history of the Star Wars universe. With some well-chosen dialogue from the trilogy used as voice overs, it really gives you an amazing overview of everything the galaxy far, far away has had to face and how pivotal the Skywalkers have been throughout. Or, as the channel describes it: “This Ultimate Star Wars Saga focuses on the Skywalker family and how The Force powerfully binds the galaxy together.”

So for all you Star Wars nerds out there and those who haven’t yet entered the fandom, check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments. What would you have added to or removed from the ultimate franchise trailer?