Fact or Fiction: Dan Harmon Returning as Community Showrunner?

It’s seems there is a lot of wishful thinking going around regarding Dan Harmon returning as show runner for the 5th season of Community.

Lots of  sources are claiming Harmon has been asked to return to Community, but no official sources have confirmed this rumor. However, that hasn’t stopped numerous reports from creating buzz about his return!

Laughspin’s article, “Dan Harmon confirms he’s been asked back to executive produce Community” has reported Harmon telling audiences in his podcast Harmontown that he has been asked to return, where he jokingly replied he would only do so if Chevy Chase returned.

Hollywookiee then took the same information but sold it as “Dan Harmon Asked to Return to Community!” Just a rehash of the same story, but with an exclamation point thrown in to generate some excitement. The article also makes the leap of claiming NBC has welcomed Harmon back to “save” the show, but NBC has made no such confirmation.

Both of these articles are just speculation that’s been ongoing for weeks, as seen by Deadline’s article earlier in May which asked if Harmon would return to the show.

In response to Deadline’s speculation about Harmon’s return, the AV Club responded with this article, which—in a nod to Community’s alternate timelines—suggested there “most certainly is a universe where Dan Harmon is asked back to be showrunner of the fifth season,” but went on to say we are most likely not living in that universe.

Most recently, Zap2it have run a similar story.

Perhaps these reporters really want Harmon to return as showrunner, but it may just be talk. Although a showrunner/creator has never been fired and brought back to a show, there is a first time for everything. And if it does happen, I certainly won’t be complaining! Don’t worry, if anything is confirmed, we will let you know!