Exclusive “Holy Musical, [email protected]!” Interview and Music Preview


We’re only a few weeks away from the premiere (and a little over the month from the online debut) of Team StarKid’s next parody, “Holy Musical, [email protected]!” We sat down with the guys – in this case Nick and Matt Lang, Joe Walker, and Brian Holden – to talk about the show, the music, the new people, the old people, the growth of the production company, and why on earth they went back to the towering legal minefield that is a Warner Bros. intellectual property.

Also, interspersed in this video are clips from the opening sequence of the musical, a LeakyNews.com exclusive! ENJOY!

(Beware the video is quite skippy, as it was recorded over Skype.)

Leaky will be at [email protected] on March 24. As always, stay close to this site for all your updates!

  • Guest

    But Nick’s favorite superhero is TwilightSparkle!

  • Luanne

    Batman is the only thing that… that we’ve announced, I guess… so far
    *Narrows eyes and stares suspiciously at Brian*.
    So far?

  • Tayraehug

    IM GOING!!!!!!! IM GOING TO HOLY MUSICAL [email protected]! I actually live in michigan but you bet I’m going! I actually live just a lil south of Ann Arbor, where it all started(:

  • c. lang

    Can’t wait to see the show. I’m so proud of my nephews Nick and Matt Lang. Can’t wait to see Brian and Joey acting and the rest of the cast too. The music I’ve heard rocks. Good job guys on the interview and the new show.

  • Relfar

    While it’s always nice to hear from the starkid crew, why did they agree to an interview if they weren’t going to say anything?

  • Emilyj9

    starship could never be too long….nothing they do can be too long.

  • Kit Mellark

    I love how Joe is just sitting in the background reading a book

  • StarKid Fan :)

    I love how Joe doesn’t do anything. He just sits in the back reading while throwing in sentences here and there.

  • Athena11

    Haha, I guess Joe couldn’t talk for risk of revealing his secret identity of…BAT WAYNE! I mean BRUCE MAN!