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Sometimes, something instantly hits that geekout button. As soon as this picture of Mary Kate Wiles hit the internet, we started digging.


Turns out the new “School of Thrones” concept — what if the Lannisters, Starks, and all their  Westerosey/frenemies and enemies alike attended high school — involves some of our very favorite people on the Internet, including Joey Richter (Ron in the StarKid Harry Potter musicals), Mary Kate Wiles (Lydia in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and Maxwell Glick (Collins in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries). And when a text chain results in THIS, we knew we had to find out more:

This upcoming Web series is like a super pileup of fandom and geek culture: Game of Thrones in a Breakfast Club/Sweet Valley High setting? Starring StarKids and LBDers? So we got in touch with series producer Whitney Milam, who has lots of geek cred on her own (past LeakyCon attendee, Hunger Games parodier extraordinaire), who gave us an inside scoop on the spoofy series. Which of the Westeros clan will find themselves part of battling cliques? A lot of them. Here’s a full cast list:

That doesn’t mean those are all the characters. Whitney let us know that Cersei and others will be represented in the future. Filmed on the UCLA campus, the story has been translated to Westeros Valley High. All the main characters are here, but not exactly as you know them: Renly is a quarterback who is secretly sleeping with Margaery’s brother, for instance.

The series is being developed first as three eight-or-so minute episodes starting March 10 and leading to the March 31 premiere of the next season of the HBO smash series. Prom night is coming. And from the looks of it, some crazy stuff is going to happen.

Whitney gave us the low-down, so read on for more info on how it will all go down!

LeakyNews: So…tell us about this.

Whitney Milam: Essentially School of Thrones is the characters of Game of Thrones put in a modern high school comedically, which at first thoght you wouldn’t think is concept that is going to work at all but it totally does. It’s essentially Mean Girls meets The Breakfast Club with a little bit of Lizzie Bennet Diaries and not just because we have two cast members.

It is not formatted like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, however. It is not a video blog, it is an actual series shot like a TV show. It is going to be premiering as a three-part pilot, leading up to the March 31 premiere of the actual HBO show. They are three standalone episodes that make up one prologue to the series, and then once it’s established we will start putting out regular episodes a month or two later.

LNIs there a set number or will you keep doing it as long as you can?

The concept leaves it open to indefinite number of episodes. We are shooting for less than 10 episodes a season. We kinda want to gauge reaction with these first three episodes. All the cast has expressed great interest in staying on the project and continuing the series. It’s just a great group of people. So talented and generous. We are very excited about it. The response from just releasing one promo pic of MK has been great. We are excited about the excitement.

LN: How did this come about? 

It was originated and written by our executive producer, Zach Grafton, who has collaborated with our director, Matt Mercer, who is also executive producer, on There Will Be Brawl, which was a Web series with Machinima that was essentially a noir take on Super Smash Bros. To they are teaming up again for this and I am producing as well. Alex Creswick is the other producer. Zac is a huge Game of Thrones fan. To assuage the fears of anyone who is concerned that the people making this won’t respect or know the books, we have plenty of book-only jokes that only book readers will get. We were joking around imagining what the Game of Thrones characters might be like in the modern world and making fun of a CW or One Tree Hill-esque take on it and thought, wait a minute! That could totally work!

This was around the time The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was starting to blow up, and we both really really adored Mary Kate Wiles’ performance, and we thought, you know who would be an awesome Sansa? The girl who plays Lydia! So we approached her and she was enthusiastic and then I asked Joey Richter if he’d like to lend his comedic talents to Theon Greyjoy, who is a character everyone hates, and everyone loves Joey Richter, so it’s hilarious that he’s going to bring some Richter charm to an unliked character. There might be some Theon fangirls after this! He was the one to suggest he wear the speedo to prom, just with a sparkly vest over it. I am sure the fans will be all about it.

ON PAGE TWO: How do the characters translate? Who are the hipsters, the jocks, the nerds? The Greyjoys as a water polo team?

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      Not even a little. These kinds of comments and the lack thereof in reverse are always telling, so thank you for providing me with more information.

      *sigh* Everyone just be freaking nice to each other. There is literally – LITERALLY – not a single reason on earth for this comment. I usually stay quiet on this but i have had a billion percent ENOUGH. Info on School of Thrones, released by the people who make School of Thrones on their own tumblrs, reblogged by Mary Kate Wiles, is not exclusive or hard to find information. I didn’t even have to leave my own TUMBLR feed for the info you’ve linked to just there.

      What you do instead, is contact you can and make a story. And that’s what has been *done*. And that is why there are pictures, and an actual exclusive.

      It’s very sad when people take initiative to be nasty on someone else’s site. If you like Hypable, awesome. Go read it! Why come here and be nasty? There is no reason for it. Just none.

      Peace out. I wish you happier days.

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    Not everyone hates Theon Greyjoy. I just want to give him a hug.

  • http://twitter.com/TrillianBlack Trillian Black

    The concept definitely has the potential to be terrible (in an American Pie – I’m too embarrassed for the characters to keep watching kind of way). But then there are a lot of people who enjoy these kinds of shows and due to the “huge conglomeration of fandom” I’ll definitely watch the first episodes before I make up my mind. :)

  • Clare

    is there a youtube channel/website i can subscribe to?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1412429 Melissa Anelli

      Yeah it’s in the first mention of “School of Thrones” :)

  • http://twitter.com/theitgirl theitgirl

    For those of us without HBO and therefore who have not seen Game of Thrones, will this make sense as a standalone?

    • CJ

      I’m sure it will make sense (as a strange sort of operatic teen drama/comedy), but there will likely be quite a few inside jokes that will only make sense to book readers or watchers of the HBO show. It’s probably like the Starkid Potter musicals; you can enjoy them without ever having read Jo Rowling’s books or seen the movies, but the satirical elements will most likely fall flat, because you have no original reference point to compare against. That’s sort of a basic tenant of Satire; the better you know the original concept that’s being satirized, the funnier it usually is. That being said, as a fairly devoted fan of Game of Thrones, this concept looks cute, and worth checking out; I have no problem with people poking fun at the fandoms I love, especially if it’s done with more love than malice.

      • CJ

        By the way, even if you don’t have HBO, the first two seasons of Game of Thrones are out on Blu-Ray and DVD now, so pretty much anyone can watch them.

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  • Nym

    I love asoiaf, and the TV series. The spelling of Dany as Dani, Cersei as Circe and Baelish as Balish in this article though, not sure if it is a mistake or them trying to be separate from the series. The pics of the set look really good. Could be interesting to see what they do with the characters. What ages are they all meant to be?

    • CJ

      I’m guessing those name spellings are mistakes (in the sense that the writer of the article has perhaps only heard these names on the television show, for instance, and never seen them in print, hence the phonetic approximation of their names). Or I could be totally wrong and it was done on purpose. If it is a mistake, I suppose it’s like many viewers of the Harry Potter films who didn’t read Rowling’s books, and assumed that Harry’s godfather was named Serious Black, or that the spell to banish boggarts is “ridiculous”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1412429 Melissa Anelli

      The only thing it meant is that the writer wrote very fast and after you do an interview and check for actual misspellings of real English words, and it’s already midnight, you miss a few things. However all of that was fixed after like five seconds of being live. The writer of this article has seen every episode and read every word of Game of Theones.

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        Cool. My mistake then, sorry.

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          No worries!!

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