Empire’s Special Hobbit Edition Guest Edited by Peter Jackson

If you like fantasy, or even just movies, and haven’t been living under a rock, chances are you’ve spent a decent amount of time invested in Peter Jackson’s filmic take on Tolkien’s Middle Earth. That’s why we’re all looking forward to, but also dreading, the final installment of his Hobbit series, The Battle Of The Five Armies.

As a tribute and a sendoff for the iconic series, Empire published its “Farewell to Middle Earth” issue, and they managed to get the great Kiwi himself as Editor-in-Chief. Like everything he does, the issue looks epic, beautiful, and infinitely interesting. The issue features several grandiose (and drool-worthy might I add) covers to whet your appetite. Following are but a few examples:

empire 1 empire 2

But what will really get fans going, and maybe tearing up a bit, is the meat of the issue, which features all things Jackson related. The articles sweep from the beginning of his career (Bad Taste), to Jackson’s new New Zealand-based friend James Cameron and the future of Avatar, to interviews with Jackson’s leading ladies, and more. The cherry on top would have to be the meeting of the two most iconic hobbits from each of Jackson’s series. In an article they moniker “When Frodo Met Bilbo,” Martin Freeman and Elijah Wood elaborate on playing two of the biggest, but smallest, characters of our century.


The issue, released November 27th, seems like a worthwhile purchase for any fan, and a bittersweet mix of nostalgia and excitement to get you ready for the big finale. If print isn’t your thing then visit the website for more Jackson-packed hobbit-lore.