Donate to Equality FTW and Own a Harry Potter Book Signed by JK Rowling

Managing Editor

We’re entering the final week of the Harry Potter Alliance’s Equality FTW fundraiser, and the amazing donation perks just Keep. Getting. Better.

Today, it was announced that JK Rowling has donated a full set of the Harry Potter series books to the Harry Potter Alliance.

An autographed set.

You read that correctly. A full set of books, autographed by Rowling herself. Take a deep breath, and read on. There are two ways to get your hands on the books.

  1. For a $2500 donation , you can get ONE (1) Harry Potter book signed by JK Rowling – there are three of this perk available.
  2. For a $25 donation, you can get entered into a contest with the HPA’s Apparating Library to win ONE (1) of the books. After donating, you’ll receive the entry form for the contest. Think “Mad Libs.”

So whether you have $25 or $2500, you have a chance to own a very (very, very) rare signed edition of one of the Harry Potter books. Head on over to the Equality FTW page for your chance at the books and tons of other great donation perks!


  • lollifant

    This is really just such amazing and exciting news! And it’s so nice to know how much Jo supports the Harry Potter Alliance! They are now at 90K!