Doctor Who “War Doctor” Audio Production Announced

After learning relatively recently about the existence of John Hurt’s War Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who, today we learn that this character will return, but not to our screens in the format we know and love.

War Doctor Audio

Big Finish Productions announced that they will release a War Doctor “Full Cast Audio Drama” series featuring John Hurt and Jacqueline Pearce to expand the story beyond the pieces of this Doctor’s Time War experiences, as seen in the show’s 50th Anniversary special. The series will consist of four parts and is set for release in December. It is titled The War Doctor: Only the Monstrous.

Big Finish Productions may sound familiar; they have been making audio stories to expand the world of Doctor Who since the 1990s. They have created series surrounding several past Doctors and have recently announced a UNIT series starring show characters Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Osgood, as well as The Diary of River Song starring none other than Alex Kingston.

The poster advertisement for the series reflects the intensity sure to be experienced in this audio drama.  Hurt stands in the forefront with a mixed look of something like worry and fear while explosions and a rather menacing Dalek loom closely behind him.

Soon, the interest and speculation of many fans regarding the still mysterious adventures of John Hurt’s War Doctor will be revealed, and they are sure to be both emotionally intense and action packed for a man able to not only single-handedly end a seemingly endless time war, but also remain morally good afterward.