Divergent Series’ Ascendant to Instead Debut as TV Movie Set to Launch Spinoff Show


If you had to read that headline a few times, that’s okay, because the Divergent movie universe has just taken a rather abrupt turn. The final film in the Divergent franchise will be doing away with a theater release altogether and instead head straight for the small screen…where it will transition right into a new spinoff series.

The news was revealed by Varietywho caution that negotiations regarding this upheaval have only just begun. The series’ first instalment, 2014′s Divergent, brought in $151 million domestically, while its successor, Insurgent, came in at just over $130 million. Allegiant—the series’ third film—may be the deciding factor in this change of plans, however. It only achieved a total domestic gross of $66 million, perhaps in response to dwindling interest in the film franchise.

Until today, Ascendant was slated for release on June 9, 2017, the same day as World War z 2 and The Mummy reboot. The movie may have also faced stiff competition from Wonder Woman, which will be released the week before, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which premieres the week after. The film has yet to begin shooting and most recently had Lee Toland Krieger on board to direct. It is unknown whether all cast members from the preceding films will join the project should it proceed.

And what about this spinoff business? The idea right now is to introduce a new cast in Ascendant,  who will then appear in a new series set in the same world. Let’s just hope that the project does not wind up shelved and that the series is ultimately given an ending for all of Allegiant’s storylines.