Dealing with the Aftermath: Ben Affleck on Bat-Flack


Ben Affleck has finally spoken! On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Monday, our soon to be caped crusader came out and talked about his new role and all the media ruckus that has been surrounding it. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what we are talking about, you can view the original casting article here.

After the announcement was released a little less than a month ago, the internet exploded. Literally, it exploded with a huge diverse group of comments spanning from congratulations to caps-locked remarks of terror. Within the interview, Affleck talked about how the producers told him to not even step foot on the internet until the dust settled (Wise advice if you ask us). He shared what he first saw after stepping out onto the internet battlefield with Fallon.

“I look down, the first comment … Just goes ‘Nooooooooo’”

He also talked about how the producers showed him fan reactions to other Batman castings in order to prepare him for everything he would see.

“These things were like, ‘Kill Him!’” Affleck explained. ”You can’t say that before a movie comes out. It doesn’t matter what you think then, it matters what you think when you see the movie.”

Affleck not only addressed the drama but the movie as well. He mentioned to Fallon that his Batman will be very different from the one that we know from the Dark Night Trilogy. In addition, he stated,

“It’s so awesome man, I’m so excited,” he said. ”It’s a very hard thing to describe without giving away the story.”

So we would like to welcome Affleck into the world of Batman and  inform him a bit about how we deal with casting news in the fandom world, in response to his second comment.

What we think after seeing the movie is important but what we think/say before matters even more. When casting news comes out, one bunch of us will scream, type in all caps, fall on the floor, and get totally freaked out that said actor is not right for the role. A select few of us will get really excited, think that said actor is perfect, and write a nice blog post that will soon be lost in a sea of raging ones. An even smaller few will say nothing and stay in our designated corners.

All theses opinions are what fuel the great fandom fire. They keep us going and get us involved with the movies, books, and TV shows that we love. There are two main parts of being a fangirl, loving sometimes to death and hating sometimes for all of eternity. Nothing would be good without either. It’s almost like the circle of fandom.

Tread carefully, Bat-Flack. Remember, without our hatred, anger, and raging opinions, there is no movie. We are the only ones that can make your movie the highest grossing in history and give you the money to buy your vacation home in Prague.

So welcome to fandom, Affleck, where everyone might not love you but will definitely stand by your movie.

And, look on the bright side, maybe some fangirl will dedicate a Tumblr page to your face.

But only if you are lucky.

The sequel to Man of Steel featuring Affleck as Batman will be released in 2015.