DC and the United States Postal Service Debut Batman 75 Forever Stamps

Managing Editor

DC Entertainment in conjunction with the United States Postal Service unveiled the official versions of the new Batman forever stamps. The stamps, available starting to today at New York Comic Con (and then of course online at USPS.com or you know… at a post office) are in celebration of Batman’s 75 anniversary this year.


Both members of the USPS and of DC Entertainment were on site to talk about the process of selection for collector stamps. Dan DiDio Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment and Jim Lee other Co-Publisher and whose art is featured on the modern age stamp, both made sure to stress that Bruce Wayne is a stamp collector. So it alllll makes sense. Because fanboys and girls aren’t going to buy up all the stamps they can get their hands on anyway. Even BATMAN HIMSELF showed up to take pictures and protect the crowd from…


You know I’m not sure what but the audience had a good laugh over it all. It was pretty magical.