CONFIRMED: Dan Harmon Will Return to Community

CONFIRMED: Dan Harmon officially announced his return to Community on Twitter earlier today.



UPDATE: There is now confirmation Dan Harmon has been asked and negotiations are underway, Entertainment Weekly reported this morning. What once seemed like a ridiculous proposal that would only happen in a fan’s dream actually seems like it might happen now. NBC is still staying quiet on everything, but Harmon himself has confirmed they are in talks to make this happen.

Following up on our article from yesterday, it seems there is still a lot of buzz about Dan Harmon being asked back to Community.

Although there still is no official word from NBC on the deal, what once only seemed like a wishful rumor may indeed become reality.

Earlier today, the Huffington PostNew York Daily News, and TVGuide posted similar articles regarding Harmon being asked back as showrunner. However, it is Deadline’s article that noted there is a vacancy after David Guarascio and Moses Port, Harmon’s replacements, have opted not to be included in season 5. The article also mentions the possibility of Chris McKenna, another former writer for Community, returning to the show alongside Harmon.

The New York Daily News also pointed out Harmon’s return is more likely now that Chevy Chase is no longer involved with the show. After a very public feud between the two, it was clear Harmon would not return if Chase was still part of the show. However, with Chase gone, the chances of Harmon accepting a proposal to return seem far more plausible.

We’ll just have to sit tight and see what NBC has to say about Harmon’s return!

What do you think? Is it just talk, or will Community be reunited with its creator?