“Cosplay is not Consent”: New York Comic Con Gets Serious About Anti-Harassment Policies


Remember last year, when New York Comic Con was tweeting from attendees’ accounts without their clear permission and it was terrible and weird and creepy? Well, they have made up for it and THEN some.

Today we have instructed Numfar to begin his dance of joy, because New York Comic Con and ReedPop (the company behind it) have set themselves apart in the large-conference world. With these:












According to our on-site reporter, Leah, those stands are EVERYWHERE, and represent a major flag-in-the-ground against harassment at conferences. They read:

COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT: Please keep your hands to yourself. If you would like to take a picture of yourself or of another N YCC Fan, always ask first and respect that person’s right to say no. When at New York Comic Con, be respectful, be nice, be cool and be kind to each other.

The flip side contains an additional host of awesomeness, indicating a no-tolerance policy for harassment that includes that based on body size, race, color, age, disability, religion, citizenship, gender identity and more. And includes activities such as bathroom policing, inappropriate contact, etc. It has clear directions on how to follow the anti-harassment protocols at the conference.

For a conference as large as NYCC and at which these things have been significant issues in the past to take THIS broad and THIS clear of a step – and to make this issue prevalent in every visible space at the con – is worthy of major kudos. So we are giving it. Great job, NYCC!