Community Season 6 Gets a Premiere Date, Plus the Most Meta Promo Ever

TV’s favorite community college is returning with new episodes on March 17th on Yahoo Screen!

The cast of the show revealed this information in a rather unique, stripped-down promo. We probably shouldn’t have expected any different from Dan Harmon and the rest of the Community crew. Check it out below!

There’s a lot going on here, despite the fact that there wasn’t even any footage from the new season. The promo is incredibly meta, as we should have expected from Community, and replicates its signature humor quite nicely.

Perhaps more importantly, the fact that the cast and crew were allowed (and probably encouraged) to make this crazy promo by their new bosses at Yahoo Screen signals a chance for Community to be a bit more creatively free, without having to worry about looming cancellations every season or, you know, NBC firing their showrunner.

One of the best moments in the promo is when Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs call out the show’s former network, NBC, quipping, “Who even does ads anymore? We’ve gotten by until now without them…. Why promote a show?”

Joel McHale also promises a wide array of special guests in the new season, including (but almost definitely not limited to) Keanu Reeves, Matthew McConaughey, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, dinosaurs, unicorns, and gargoyles. Fantastic.

We have to admit, though: the absence of Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, and yes, even Chevy Chase, was noticeable and a bit disheartening. However, if this does end up being the last season for the show, we can hope that at least Glover and Brown will return for a final episode. Or maybe we’ll have to wait for the mythical movie to see the whole gang back together again.

Community‘s sixth season premieres on March 17th on Yahoo Screen with thirteen new episodes, released weekly.