Community is Getting a Sixth Season on Yahoo Screen


Though many of us thought Community was destined to never see #SixSeasonsAndAMovie after NBC cancelled the show and the contract with the cast ran its course, Yahoo Screen and Sony have brought the show one step closer in a last minute resurrection. Community is getting a sixth season!

While information is just coming in, Yahoo Screen has reportedly ordered a single 13 episode season. While it’s not being followed by a movie (yet), the sixth season really is on the way. Creator Dan Harmon has said in a statement that he looks forward to bringing the show “to a larger audience by moving it online” and Joel McHale is happy they can finally swear.

Fans and cast members alike are already taking to Twitter with hashtags like #CommunitySixthSeason and #CommunityLivesOn, so go join the fun and be excited about the renewal of Community!