“Community” Absent from NBC Midseason Schedule: Internet Reacts

Much to the chagrin of seemingly everyone on Twitter (not to mention this editor) the witty and wonderful Community was notably absent from the midseason schedule released by NBC this week. Might they be about to cancel Community outright after a post-musical-Christmas-episode hiatus? Might they deny us the glorious twenty-five minutes of multiple timelines, paintball and sinister men who work in Air Conditioning? It’s starting to look like it.

The Internet reacted with everything from outrage (see: Twitter) to indifference as it is prone to do, with most people saying that NBC have definitely Britta’d their midseason schedule. Take a look:

  • The New York Magazine’s Vulture blog has a useful Q&A on Community’s future with the important note that the show has not been cancelled at this point “and NBC insiders say there are absolutely not plans to cut back on the episodes already ordered.” The rest of the post also serves to explain the current ratings situation, syndication and the probability of a fourth season (Vulture gives Community a 70% chance of returning).
  • The reaction to the midseason lineup at Ken Tucker’s TV blog at the Entertainment Weekly website focuses on the shelving of Community as a PR problem due in large part to the enthusiasm of Community’s fanbase, but also because NBC’s “new fall shows have either been watched with a minimum of enthusiasm or by virtually no one.”
  • Reuters‘ article on the schedule also mentions a source at NBC who has said Community ”is expected back at some point.”
  • Time humorously notes: “On the one hand, TV is a business, at which Community has had over two years to sell its wares. On the other hand, as Troy would say, this is the opposite of Batman.”
  • On Twitter, Community creator Dan Harmon said he believed the Christmas episode will be the last to air before 30 Rock takes over.
  • In probably the most pessimistic Community reaction to be found, Den of Geek writes “it looks like [Community's] been cancelled in all but name.”
  • Lastly, the website http://www.save-community.com/ has been started up to host a petition calling for the show to be saved from (speculative) cancellation.

And how about you? How did you react to the gaping absence in the midseason schedule? Do you feel like Community‘s about to get the chop? Discuss in comments!

  • Critterfur7

    I’m surprised at this move by NBC. While it’s true that Community’s ratings have never been stellar, it has a solid, devoted fanbase. Also, I had heard that if NBC allowed Community to finish it’s third season and possibly order a fourth, that that would be enough to allow it to be sold into syndication, which would be fairly profitable to all involved. NBC would most likely cancel the show after that fourth season, but at least it would allow for another 30+ episodes of the show to be made (more than enough to wrap everything up neat and tidy). Since NBC has allowed the show to survive this long, it seems strange of them to pull the show with that goal in sight. I personally look forward to this show every week, and it’s grown on me to a degree I didn’t anticipate when I first started watching it. I sincerely hope the show is allowed to continue on for a bit longer.

  • http://elinious.wordpress.com/ Elinious

    I just got into Community. I heard more and more about it on Tumblr and so I tried the first few episodes and I was hooked. I’d watch an episode during breakfast, after work and before bed, and now I’m finally caught up only to hear this. I agree with Critterfur7 when I say that the show certainly grows on you. First couple of episodes, I liked it, definitely enough to keep watching, but it also had it’s weak points. I’ve really grown to care for it more than I thought I would at the beginning. I’m sad it’s not in the midseason schedule but still hopeful they won’t cancel it. I hope Community will continue for another few years…