Classic Alice and Why You Should Be Watching

In the recent upsurge of literature adaptations on YouTube, Classic Alice is a whole new idea that really stands out. Because rather than adapting a single novel, Classic Alice makes use of a whole number of classic books and tries to apply their life lessons to the adventures of Alice Rackham. They are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the next few books that they want to do, which you can check out here.

Alice is a young, perfectionist college student, who receives a “bad” grade on an essay. Her professor accuses her of not being able to relate to her characters on an emotional level. So she decides to take things into her own hands: she’ll live her life according to a series of classical books and the lessons they are teaching her. Andrew Prichard, her friend who studies film making, agrees to record her talking about her experiences. These recordings are what we get to see on YouTube. Alice first takes on Crime and Punishment, in the hopes that it will give her an insight into how classic literary characters feel. As you can imagine, things don’t go quite to plan, and Alice and Andrew are left to pick up the pieces of everything that went wrong. The show also takes on A Christmas Carol, Pygmalion, Macbeth, and a number of other well known and beloved stories. The weekly updates come in the form of a regular, weekly vlog combined with a confessional, which focuses on one of the characters and lets them vent their feelings.


The refreshing and fascinating plot is complemented by incredibly lovable characters. Kate Hackett plays Alice Rackham, who is a a perfectionist with questionable people skills and a lot of ambition. All she wants is to become a writer, but following her on her journey to self-discovery is a turbulent ride that you can’t help getting involved in. Alice is independent and hates people interfering in her affairs, but usually realizes that she needs to accept some help if she wants to succeed with her project. Despite sometimes coming across as weird and intense, she is warm and kindhearted and loves her friends fiercely. She’s awkward at showing it and letting people know, but her warmth eventually captures everyone’s heart.