CBS Greenlights Pilot for How I Met Your Dad

Managing Editor

After much speculation, CBS has committed to producing a pilot for How I Met Your Dad.

In case you are bad at guessing, the potential show will be the step-sibling of CBS’ current comedy How I Met Your Mother, which will be ending this year after 9 seasons.

HIMYM creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays will be writing and producing along with Emily Spivey, creator of Up All Night.

So thoughts? Will the show’s main concept become tired quickly, or will a female voice and new group of friends provide it with all the energy it needs? Will the gang live above a bar? Will they have doppelgangers? Will there be slaps, Canadians, and suits? Will it be legen-

We hope so.

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  • JD Farrell

    I’m confident if this does happen it will go the way of Joey and Scrubs: Med School.

  • QED42

    Looks like they are trying to squeeze every last little drop of cash out of this idea. No doubt if the spin off is going to have any chance of lasting it will need a really strong supporting cast because they have already rode the central idea into the ground.