“Caught” Carrie Diaries Episode 7 Review


How many times can Carrie Bradshaw say “caught” in 43 minutes? A lot. We get it, the theme of the episode is making hard decisions and being caught. There’s no need to hammer it in a hundred times. A show that started off feeding its audience with quirky and sometimes insightful banter is quickly deteriorating into one that does not trust its audience. Last night’s The Carrie Diaries wasn’t bad per se, it had some funny moments and the overall plot was interesting but the series is definitely on a downwards spiral.

Sex and the CityGirls, and How I Met Your Mother are great examples of the bantery show The Carrie Diaries is trying to be. The problem is, all of those shows are half hour sitcoms. Trying to stretch that pithy style into an hour block just doesn’t work. It’s unfortunate that the CW does not have half hour shows as The Carrie Diaries could really be great in that style. Hart of Dixie (a show I really like) might also benefit from a half hour format. It would be a pleasure to sit down to 23 minutes of Carrie, Maggie, and Mouse’s shenanigans but doing it for 43 minutes each week is starting to get cumbersome. Sorry Sebastian, even your smolder can’t save this train.


Despite feeling slow a lot of stuff went down this week so let’s recap. Walt was sick with the chicken pox. (Walt-less episodes are almost as bad as Dorrit-less episodes. I need me some Walt sweaters.) So Maggie has to attend the Winter Dance alone. After getting smashed on peach schnapps (eew) she runs into jerk cop for a quicky. Donna sees Maggie and jerk cop, but all we can concentrate on is Donna’s amazing hair and how much we want her faux-fur jacket. Donna blackmails Maggie into helping her keep Carrie away from Sebastian. Instead Maggie finally admits to Carrie that she’s been hooking up with jerk cop, and Carrie in perfect Carrie Bradshaw fashion supports her and is there for her. Girlfriend points.

Meanwhile Mouse and Sexy Seth have been having so much sex that they are losing focus in their school work. Mouse’s plot was the most amusing of the night when she sneaks her extra credit assignment into the dance and tries to complete it without her boyfriend noticing. After trying to break into her teacher’s office and failing to submit the assignment Mouse and Sexy Seth decide that sex is too much of a distraction and break up. He better not be gone forever. We need our weekly floppy hair fix.


Larissa shows Carrie the purse article which Carrie rewrites and Larissa then offers her a job. It’s about time. The law office was not Jane By Design enough for our taste. After minimal deliberation Carrie decides to take the internship at Interview and continue her double life. It is unclear why a fashion magazine would agree to a once a week intern. At the dance while wearing a glitter covered cupcake Carrie, George, and Sebastian reenact the classic Rory/Dean/Jess marathon dance scene pretty much to perfection. Sebastian definitely should have been making out with Donna on the bleachers. In order to prove that she is not Rory Gilmore, Carrie takes George to his limo for some randy fun.

In a surprisingly real portrayal of an 18 year old boy George goes from complete gentlemen to total ass in about 3 seconds when Carrie refuses to sleep with him in the back of his limo with his driver present. Just cause the limo driver is used to people having sex with him there, doesn’t make it any less creepy for those involved. After agreeing not to take Carrie’s virginity George asks Carrie to at least take care of his needs, so she breaks up with him. Hopefully the breakup lands Carrie right back in Sebastian smoldersville next week. The return of the pool make out parties please.

Dorrit’s plot was uninteresting as she and Daddy Bradshaw attend the nutcracker, which Dorrit likes despite her rebel stoner persona. Dorrit is annoyed when her dead falls asleep but it all ends with hugs and jordan almonds. Here is an official request for more Morrissey and less Daddy Bradshaw.

Next week we’ll get to see Carrie’s NY life explode as she takes on her internship at Interview. As long as Sebastian is back, we won’t miss bitchy Barbara or George Silver one bit.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you think the show works in an hour segment? Would it work better if it was only a half hour? Let us know in the comments.

The Carrie Diaries airs Monday at 8/7c on the CW

  • Jade Scheytt

    Wow. This post was perfect, it was like my scatter brained thoughts while watching the episode were put into fabulous comparisons and witty commentary.