Buffering, And Why You Should Be Watching It

Buffering is a web series about a struggling actor named Ben Little (played by the talented and dreamy Curt Mega aka Warbler Nick from Glee), a guy who fell from being kinda famous to, unbearably, a nobody. To prove that he’s still talented, he’ll do what every ambitious actor does: make a web series. It’s not easy making a web series, especially when you’re broke, depressed, and uninspired. Luckily, he has some dysfunctional friends to ruin his flimsy plan.

Buffering has everything you could want from a web series: it’s smart, funny, and intriguing. It’s got satire and homage equally, in just the right amounts. For some people, the series will strike close to home. Buffering, after all, has no qualms about parodying the ins and outs of Hollywood. The core characters, while dysfunctional, have complex personalities that develop quickly over the four episodes released so far. Ben, introverted and passionate, seeks to recapture his fallen glory. Alex (Eric Carroll), Ben’s slightly neurotic roommate, seems to primarily exist to thwart Ben, and remind him of what he once had. As Curt Mega puts it, “Our story is about a few people doing the best they can to put something together, if only they can come together. Until then, everything’s buffering…”

When I asked Mega about the brains behind the series, he said, “We are a passionate group of nerdy, film-loving, independent, Los Angeles based artists creating an original comedic series about the world we THINK we know best: Hollywood. We use all aspects of social media to tell our story… We have created a community of loyal fans worldwide who celebrate the timeless tale of trying to make something out of nothing and being able to laugh about it every step of the way.”

Buffering was dreamed up on a couch at 2AM one night, and the pilot was produced with literally zero budget, just like the web series Ben proposes. Yeah, things get meta. Really meta. From there the series has grown exponentially, with a dedicated fanbase of Buffies (which includes me and undoubtedly some of you!) and three more episodes have followed.

The most recent episodes, 3 and 4, were produced with a budget of 5 thousand dollars, and it’s absolutely astonishing to see what these talented folks can do when they have a little bit of cash to play with. With Buffering, each episode is better than the one that comes before it. Honestly. The series features some diverse and awesome guest talent, including Dominic Barnes (Warbler Trent) in the latest episode.

There’s plenty of extra content to be found on their youtube channel, but the best is yet to come. In order to complete the season, Mega and co. have organized an IndieGoGo campaign to make the next two episodes as great as they can possibly be. They’re still short of their goal, and if you can pitch in, they have some truly awesome rewards: a personalized Vine message, a Skype hangout, and, if you’ve got 2 grand burning a hole in your pocket, flight to the premier, a producer credit, and a whole lot more.

It’s clear that Buffering has a bright future ahead, and the people behind it have plenty planned. Mega had this to say about what’s in store for the next two episodes: “We’re in the final day of our fundraiser on indieGoGo to fund the final two episodes of the season. The simple premise is Ben Little just trying to finish creating his own show… but we’ve got all kinds of crazy stuff planned to finish the season with a bang: special effects, stunts, an epic match of a certain “magical” game and guest star appearances from Leaky favorites Tessa Netting, Riker Lynch and Titus Makin Jr.”

Awesome! Lot’s of familiar faces in there. Buffering, being tightly-knit with social media, has a presence just about everywhere. You can get your stalk on here:

Do you watch Buffering? If so, what’s your favorite episode so far? If not, then get on it!