Bringing James to Life: J.K. Rowling’s September 1st Tweets

Today, J.K. Rowling’s Twitter account brought joy to the hearts of all Harry Potter fans with her commentary about September 1, the day that the Hogwarts Express returns to the school. This September 1 is particularly significant because it is the day in Potter history when Harry and Ginny Potter’s first son, James Sirius Potter, makes his first journey to Hogwarts and tries on the Sorting Hat.

This first rather cheeky comment signified to fans that this is going to be an emotional and meaningful day. Rowling tends to be creative and interactive with her fans, and requesting that they “wish James S Potter good luck” for her definitely follows suit.

Next, Rowling responded to Twitter user @renontheroad_’s comment of being on the train and saying “hi” to James very kindly and continuing the theme of imagining the world of Harry Potter with a complexity that brings it to life.  During this same hour, Rowling said, “Now worried that he’ll be irritated by the number of people saying hi,” to another tweet from someone saying they also met and greeted “him,” and by now we all know who “he” is, and it is definitely not “he who must not be named.”

Rowling has brought James Sirius Potter to life even without a novel format.  Her writing truly is magical. She even built on other characters in the “19 Years Later” of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by adding the reaction of Teddy Lupin.

There was no chance of any of Harry’s first-born being sorted into any house aside from Gryffindor.  We know that house trends tend to run in families and even if choice plays a part, why wouldn’t James want to be in the house that his heroic parents and both of his namesakes hailed from?  There is no denying that J.K. Rowling is masterful at creating characters in novels, in the short stories she has published to Pottermore, and now we know that she can even create a story in a short series of tweets.  Happy Back-to-Hogwarts Day!

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