Breaking – Umbridge’s Hogwarts House Revealed

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During the signing potion of Jo Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy event, HPA staffer asked Jo one of the remaining burning questions in the Harry Potter fandom…

And there you have it, folks. Long suspected, finally confirmed. Thanks Kaci for asking the probing questions!

  • Catherine W.

    OF COURSE SHE IS. *sigh*

  • Jessica Ayres

    and i pegged her as a hufflepuff. go figure. XD

    • LILO

      Me too

    • Rachel R

      has produced the fewest number of dark wizards than any other house at
      Hogwarts. Students belonging to this house are known to be hard-working,
      friendly, loyal, honest and rather impartial.
      Not to mention: Helga Hufflepuff was an egalitarian
      and was renowned for her compassionate nature; she took in the
      house-elves to work in Hogwarts Kitchen where they could work in peace
      and safety. She united people of different backgrounds so they could
      learn and be safe at Hogwarts.
      Umbridge definitely wasn’t a Hufflepuff.

      • Ellie

        A twisted Hufflepuff. You’re assuming everyone in Puff is a nice person.

  • Joan

    For every Merlin, we got an Umbridge. *smh*

    • Sarah Stankus

      HA-HA! :D

  • MortimerBooks

    Yeah we really didn’t need this, but hey, our reputation can’t get that much worse can it?

  • Peg

    Thank goodness she’s not a Hufflepuff. I would have thrown a fit if Jo did that to us Badgers.

    • Joan

      Try being a Slytherin…*sigh*

      • Rachel R

        Preach. :/

    • Sam Ruff

      I KNOW!!

  • Ginny Rose

    i always said she was and there was no way she a hufflepuff she way to mean

  • GinnyWrocks

    Anybody who thought she was a Hufflepuff doesn’t have a solid grasp on what Hufflepuff house is about.

    • Andrea Pip Lister

      To quote Dumbledore, What the *hell* is a Hufflepuff? (Besides being particularly good FINDers)

    • Ellie

      Loyal hardworkers? So yeah, she fits. Not all Puffs an be nice people, you know. Why does Slytherin have to get yet another crappy person?

      • CaliPuff

        i consider myself a hufflepuff and i like to think our “bad apples” include Rita Skeeter and Barty Crouch Jr. (most loyal D.E.)

  • Andi

    One of the main traits of Slytherein house is ambition, Dolores is nothing if not ambitious, half the things she did weren’t in the pursuit of evil, they were just to move HERSELF forward. She was disgusting and evil as long as it moved her forward. Yes she had horrible morals and beliefs but she was willing to hide those and fake her sugary sweetness for more status and power. Of course she was a Slytherein, that kind of cutthroat ambitiousness wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

    • Rachel R

      Some snakes are actually very nice you know….

      • Andi

        I don’t deny that, I’m just saying the amount of ambition in Umbridge couldn’t have allowed her to be in any other house.

        • Rachel R

          I agree. Although I don’t like it.

  • Bert

    Hmm, well that wasn’t really a surprise of course.

    I wonder to which house Cornelius Fudge belonged? Slytherin as well? Couldn’t imagine him as a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuf or Gryffindor…

    • Rachel R

      I see him as a Ravenclaw, before the love of the office corrupted him, he was a pretty smart guy, and willing to ask others for help.

  • TheWillowRider992

    Thank god she is’t a RavenClaw….

  • Sarcasmaniac

    That is so fucking cliche. I wish JK would have said Hufflepuff. Who says there cant be bad puffs?

  • max

    sometimes it seems that this is how she decides the houses:
    main “good” character: GRYFFINDOR
    any “bad” character: SLYTHERIN
    character which may be slightly important in one or a few of the books: RAVENCLAW
    any characters who don’t matter enough: HUFFLEPUFF

    perhaps some exceptions for special reasons, but these seem to be general guidlines, which is quite saddening

    • kayla

      I could see that…but Dolores Umbridge is text-book Slytherin.

  • SirEdge

    Dang, another meanie for us Slytherins. How about some love? Apart from Merlin. Maybe Gandalf?

  • Slytherudite

    Seriously? Our house’s reputations is terrible. Thank the gods for Merlin.

  • S.K.Hansen

    Umbridge showed a lot of favoritism toward Slytherin students in OotP. She allowed the Slytherin quidditch team to re-assemble right away after educational degree #25, but made the other teams wait longer. Plus, all the stundents in the inquisitorial squad were Slytherins. These things make more sense if Umbridge was a Slytherin too.

  • Plot_Hole_Finder

    But when Snape is appointed Headteacher, one of the portraits (I think it was phinnius) said that he was the first Slythyrin Headteacher since his time – but Umbridge is the Headmistress at one point.

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  • steve

    filthy half breeds