Breaking Down the Looks: Project Runway Episode 12

Managing Editor

Greetings, fashion fans! Sorry once again for the delay, but at least now the looks will be fresh in your mind for tomorrow’s update. I’m know I’m excited. Shall we get on with it?

Josh’s Looks

What is with these designers and the drapey bedsheets? The fabric is lovely, but the body suit underneath is just… weird. It almost looks like Bert’s 70s look. Every time all I can think is that the runway just became a very glamorous Walk of Shame. The middle dress is a little bland, but that’s probably a good thing for him. It’s of course beautifully constructed and I love the back on it. The silhouette is clean and it’s interesting, but it doesn’t really excite me much. I like the studded tank and the skirt on the third look, but something about that jacket vest makes the model look like she has a tummy. There’s something off about his unfortunate ability to make a runway model look chubby. Not that there’s anything wrong with chubby; lord knows I’m no stick. But what woman wants to wear a garment that makes her look bigger? Thankfully he realizes this (humility!), but it’s entirely too late. I do love that skirt though. Maybe I’ll see if I can call him and make me one for playing dress-up.


Laura’s Looks

Oh, my! This blazer is delicious. I don’t see what they don’t see in it. Maybe a cleaner looking lapel and a skirt with a pop of color? The overall look makes me a little sleepy. I wish there was a little more color in general. And that bed sheet is really dowdy. Do they have some sort of agreement with Bed Bath and Beyond on this show? I’m so confused. The gown is miraculous. It may be a little busy but it’s certainly edgy and different. I like it. The back detailing is amazing. I’m glad she didn’t use that stenciling in everything.


Anya’s Looks

I guess I’m the outlier here, but Anya’s outfits are boring and directionless. The only structure is in the back, and everything else is exactly the same as she’s done previously. I don’t see any range here, I see curtains flapping in the breeze. The black dress is expected. It’s the cocktail version of her last look. The drapey pants look a little thrown together and no structure. I’m not sold. The gown is nice, the silhouette is interesting, but it bunches weird up top and nothing about it really pops. You would think that if she knew she couldn’t really show a range in construction that she’d try to show one in design. I don’t see that here. I’m bored and I’m sad she’s moving on.


Viktor’s Looks

Viktor’s first look is nice, but the flappy things on the jacket look… odd. It’s like a half-finished motorcycle jacket for a community theater production of Grease. And I know… I’ve been in one. His separates (the “secretary” look) are downright slick, but the top is a little too department store to feel high fashion. I like it – I love it, in fact – but in this mini-collection it doesn’t feel very runway. He does some bunched detailing on the skirt, but unlike Kim’s, it’s done right. It’s not at all unflattering and creates a unique silhouette. And her butt is killer in it. The cocktail dress is a nice take on the little black dress. Clean lines and surprising structural elements. It’s most certainly not a knockout, but it’s solid. And certainly better than Anya’s. Hopefully he blows her out of the water.


Kim’s Looks

What the hell is going on here? I continually don’t understand what Kim is doing at all. And I most certainly don’t see her sculpture inspiration here at all. You know what I see? Elmo. That’s a tickle-me trench coat. I think I may have burned out some pixels on my TV by watching that come down the runway. And then we get to see the same fabric in a top with a teardrop boob peek and what the hell is going on with that skirt?! Lordy mercy, what possessed her to do that? It looks like the model dropped something sticky on herself while eating, knelt over, and didn’t realized she’d glue half her skirt to itself with food products. That’s not chic, it’s terrifying. She thinks it’s different and unexpected; I would have to agree. I wouldn’t expect anyone to want to wear a skirt that made their leg look malformed. And it does absolutely no favors for her butt. The puckering issue is not the only problem. The cocktail dress is gorgeous, but it still goes a little too far and it certainly does not save the rest of the look.


What did you guys think? Is this the final four for you? Would you have sent someone else home? Let me know in the comments!

  • Roonil Wazlib

    Totally agree about both Anya and Kim – I wish Kim had gone home instead, I would have much preferred to see Laura’s collection!