Bowling is Cool! It’s Nerdist vs Doctor Who

Managing Editor

After the massive amount of feels dumped on us by the last episode of Pond Life, I figured that our Who fans could use a bit of hilarity in their day.

If you’re an internet geek, you’ve probably heard of the Nerdist empire. They’ve got podcasts, a YouTube channel, and show on BBC America – all of this headed by nerdman-in-chief Chris Hardwick.  When their YouTube page launched at the beginning of the year, I immediately subscribed and found that my favourite show was easily All-Star Celebrity Bowling. Featuring teams like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Geek and Sundry, and Mythbusters, not to mention a constant stream of heckling that will have you gasping for air, there really is something for everyone on the show.  Check out Matt, Karen, Arthur, and the Moff taking on Chris and the Nerdist team (feat. Alex Albrecht, Chloe Dykstra, and Wil freaking Wheaton) below.

All I know is that the tears are now in my eyes due to laughter and not feels. That and I’m going to try the patented Gillan “flail and throw” next time I go bowling.