Big Hero 6′s Ryan Potter Desperately Wants to Play Robin

Managing Editor

And we want it too.

Last week, Ryan Potter (Hiro from Big Hero 6) began tweeting about how he wants to play Tim Drake (the third Robin, current Red Robin) in the DCEU’s Batman movie.

Fans almost immediately began retweeting him and even had #RyanPotterforTimeDrake trending for a short time. Finally yesterday, Ryan took matters into his own hands and released an epic minute-long fight concept video.

According to Potter, that video took only 3.5 hours to shoot and choreograph. Imagine what he could do with a professional fight choreographer and director behind him?

Also he already looks like reluctant Wayne Enterprises employee Tim Drake.


How can we NOT support this?!

(Also if you add in Steven Yeun as a potential Nightwing we have the makings of the best Batman movie yet.