Beauty and the Beast 3D – Poster Revealed

Managing Editor

I’m taking some time out of mourning the end of Project Runway (yes, a recap is coming; yes, I was devasted; yes, StraightColin has some hilarious insight) to realize I totally missed out on the announcement that Disney would be releasing more classics in 3D.

The next installment is my favorite animated Disney film of all time: Beauty and the Beast. I have a distinct memory of seeing this in theaters with my father and have been hooked ever since. And let’s not forget the recent resurgance of viral popularity brought on by a hilarious take of the opening song.

So the poster’s been released, and I’m eagerly eyeing the January 13th release date. Yes, I will see it. Yes,  I will sing along.

After Beauty and the Beast, the next two years will be peppered with the 3D releases of Finding NemoMonsters, Inc. and The Little Mermaid. I, for one, cannot wait.