BBC Unveils New Promo Image for Sherlock Christmas Special


News in the Sherlock fandom is kind of like that John Green quote: it happens slowly (extremely slowly) and then all at once (every two years). In fact, the last thing we heard regarding the fourth season of the show was two months ago, and it was worse than no news at all: filming for the series, and therefore the debut of the next season, had been significantly delayed. However, dear Sherlockians, I consider it a great honor to bestow you with some rather exciting news indeed.

Late yesterday, BBC One revealed a brand new image from the upcoming Victorian-set Christmas special across all its social media. It features both Sherlock and John looking very dashing in their full Victorian getup, along with a quote from “A Study in Pink”, the first episode of the detective series. You know, the part where Sherlock asks Anderson to turn around because his face is terrible and distracting.

Their costumes are distinctly different from the previous promo image released, and it looks like John’s moustache has finally reached its full potential. Even though the special is a one-off that takes place outside the three usual episodes, I also wouldn’t mind seeing that fabulous chair back in modern-day 221b Baker Street.

While we probably won’t get any updates regarding an official season 4 release date until well after filming is completed, it’s likely we’ll be seeing a few more teases for the Christmas special in the months to come. So, BBC, for now we will stop our moaning for even the tiniest morsel of Sherlock news, because today, we are grateful.