‘Battle of the Five Armies’ Trailer Breakdown – What You Might Have Missed

Dol Guldur and the Nine

BotFA will also contain the conclusion of Gandalf’s sub-journey into Dol Guldur in search of the Necromancer. In the DoS extended edition we saw him encounter Thorin’s father Thráin and witness the final dwarven ring of power be taken by the Necromancer himself. While these sequences never actually happened in The Hobbit (in fact, they happened decades before the events in The Hobbit ever took place), they are pretty essential to connecting this trilogy to The Lord of the Rings. What we see in the trailer is Gandalf weak on the ground, with Galadriel kneeling above him. They are surrounded by nine armored figures – the nazgul. An interesting surprise in this sequence is the appearance of Saruman, mostly because the actor, Christopher Lee, is 92 years old and has slowed his appearances down as of late. It really showcases how deeply he cares for Tolkien’s work that he’d acquiesce to Peter Jackson’s request.

“Leave Sauron to me,” Saruman tells the others, and frankly I’m surprised they just let him walk away after he clearly shows very little genuine interest in their shared goal.

Elrond also appears, looking cool as ever in his armor.

the nine
galadriel and gandalf

Speaking of the nazgul…

This was noticed by the fans over at TheOneRing.net, but does one of the armored figures look a little odd to you? One in particular is shorter, and rounder than the others. TOR is playing around with the idea that this may be another of Peter Jackson’s famed cameos. They support their claim with the photos of PJ at SDCC this summer, dressed in a jesters outfit. It’s a stretch, but the hat of the jester really does bear a resemblance to the helmet on the nazgul in question. Perhaps his SDCC disguise was his fun idea to tease the audience without them even knowing? Definitely worth speculating over.


Some foreshadowing in Dol Guldur

We’ve already noticed how similar the figure of the Necromancer looks to the iris of the flaming eye of Sauron, especially when surrounded by the eerie yellow light. One frame from the trailer shows the Necromancer bearing a striking resemblance to the tower of Barad-dûr, Sauron’s fortress in Mordor. Do you see it?