‘Battle of the Five Armies’ Trailer Breakdown – What You Might Have Missed


The desolation of Smaug…minus the dragon

While the early seconds of the trailer showcased the hellfire Smaug brought upon the people of Lake Town, there was no dragon in sight. Perhaps this was to help cover up that the greatest and chiefest calamities of the age would be so quickly defeated in the beginning of the film, especially for non-readers who were left with a very bold impression of Smaug by the end of the second movie. We then get one glimpse of Bard amongst the ruin: “You brought upon them only ruin and death,” he accuses Thorin.

According to his interview in the August edition of Empire, Peter Jackson plans on cutting BotFA down to 140 minutes, and it was previously reported that the battle itself would take nearly 45 minutes of the final cut. Taking the journey home, Gandalf’s business in Dol Guldur, and any other bits of drama in between into consideration, there can’t be too much time spared for Smaug’s demise.

Hopefully the sequence is long enough that we’ll get to truly appreciate Bard’s heroic triumph.

the desolation of smaug

Thranduil’s warmoose returns

There’s really not much to do with this information except celebrate. All hail the mighty warmoose.

We’re not sure what it is that inspired Peter Jackson and crew to give Thranduil this elegant steed, but we’re glad they did it.

thranduil and bard