Back To Classic Castle


This week’s episode of Castle marks a return to the typical crime show that Castle brands itself as, with a nerdtastic twist. While some might say it’s just a filler episode, it has all the ingredients that have made Castle great and earned it it’s dedicated following.

First and foremost, it has Richard Castle at his very best. Witty remarks, comic book references, dirty jokes in all their glory. Oh ya, there was a crime too.
This week we got to deal with a vigilante, striaght out of a comic book. The what came first, the vigilante or the comic book is a toughie, but it’s a fun concept for nerds and geeks all over the world, who look for those kinds of reference in a show starring Nathan Fillion, Geek God (as proclaimed by Entertainment Weekly).

The crime was solved in the typical manner for these kinds of shows, with suspects that turn out to be wrong, confusion between all the different ones (in this case all dressed as superheroes) and a return to an earlier introduced character. Yet the return to the convention was almost comforting. So many crime shows are trying to be avant-garde, that the standard is being forgotten amidst complicated storylines and character turmoils. Castle left the Castle/Beckett issue and put out some great writing and fun for the whole family.

Thank goodness, because all I wanted was to hear Richard Castle’s trademark witticisms, and this week we got to hear him talk about superheroes, even making more than three covert ones in the same sentence.

As always, we get a parallel story between Castle and his daughter. Even that got a superhero subtext to it, with the “with great power comes great responsibility” message being conveyed, however badly. That was kind of a shameless plug, even though it didn’t REALLY fit the lesson.

That being said, the episode even manages to end with a reminder that Castle/Beckett is always an issue. Yet, while that continues to annoy me a little bit, they managed to make it entertainingly awkward, reminding us of the relevance, while making us smile and laugh at the same time. Welcome back Rick Castle, the hysterical witty writer, and welcome back Kate Beckett, dynamite detective, muse and princess of pointed insults.