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black coffee, sweet tea, too many words, can’t do laundry, easily distracted, reads too much, lives too little, delusions of grandeur, raspberries, sweaters, drives too fast, eats too much, not enough sleep, too much coke, chocolate covered strawberries, savory over sweet, always loses pens. oh. so. pretentious.

By Sara

Teen Wolf Might As Well Just Kill Us All

From almost the beginning of the show, there has been a bit of dissonance about whether or not Teen Wolf was an ensemble show or not. Jeff Davis (creator and showrunner) seemed to think he was writing a show following More…

Supernatural: Breaking Your Heart One Episode at a Time

Warning: Spoilers for Supernatural. If you’re planning on watching it and haven’t yet, don’t read this. So, they show Supernatural reruns on TNT in the mornings. And I’m currently unemployed and packing for grad school, and so naturally that means More…

Teen Wolf: An Apology Letter to Jeff Davis

Note: This post contains possible spoilers about the mid-season finale. Dear Jeff Davis, I am finding it difficult to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) today. It’s been an interesting three months we’ve spent together this summer, full More…