Attendees to Be Contacted to Repurchase Tickets for J.K. Rowling Event


Update 2! If you bought your ticket with a credit card they will call you. If you bought it at the box office with a credit card, they will also call you. If you bought your ticket at the box office using CASH, you have to call THEM. Call 212-258-9800 and indicate you have a ticket and a confirmation and paid cash. DO NOT go down to the theater: call instead.

Lincoln Center is working on getting all this information onto their Web site soon.

Update! We have just spoken to Lincoln Center. The reason refunds are appearing is because everyone will be contacted to REPURCHASE their tickets.

Attendees “will be contacted via email with information regarding repurchasing tickets to account for seating changes in the new theater.”

The previous statement (below) did not mention that “process”ing included refunding and recharging. The event, however, remains sold out.

On Sunday, September 9, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s ticketing system was breached and an unauthorized link to purchase tickets to the J.K. Rowling The Casual Vacancy event on October 16 was distributed online. This breach did not result in the breach of purchasers’ personal information. In order to accommodate customers who purchased tickets on September 9 as well as customers who purchased tickets on September 10, Jazz at Lincoln Center has secured the David H. Koch Theater at 20 Lincoln Center as the new location for the event. Each customer who purchased tickets prior to the official on-sale date and time will be contacted directly by Jazz at Lincoln Center to process tickets for the event at the new location. The event remains sold out – only customers who purchased tickets on September 9 and 10 will be accommodated. Although neither Little, Brown and Company nor J.K. Rowling are responsible for this situation they were keen to make sure that no person who legitimately bought a ticket was left disappointed, are delighted this matter has been resolved in this way and apologize for any confusion that may have been caused in the meantime. Jazz at Lincoln Center apologizes too for any inconvenience and looks forward to welcoming everyone to the David H. Koch Theater on October 16.

UPDATE 9/19/12: We have finally received an email from Lincoln Center regarding the move to the new theater (and hope that everyone with tickets will receive the same email shortly). The email asks ticket holders to provide a phone number so that the box office at the new theater can contact you. Please see the complete email below.

Dear Patron:
Concerning the J.K. Rowling event on October 16, we have a record of your purchase from Sunday September 9th or Monday September 10th and are working to reissue the appropriate tickets for the David H. Koch Theater.
Please provide a phone number where you can best be reached by return to this email, and we will contact you directly to reprocess your ticket(s).  You may also call us at the David H. Koch Theater Call Center: (212) 496-0600 Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12-5pm.
If you have not yet received a refund from Jazz at Lincoln Center, please call their Customer Services Line at (212) 258-9825.
Please note that ONLY tickets issued from the David H. Koch Theater will be honored at the door.
Thank you for your patience.
DHKT Customer Service

Now that we have a solution to the ticketing kerfuffle that happened with the J.K. Rowling event at Lincoln Center (the event is being moved to a larger venue; everyone’s ticket will be honored; everyone who purchased a ticket will get an email indicating their new seat allocations), we are hearing at LeakyNews that some people are getting incorrect refunds on their tickets.

While we are sure that Lincoln Center will do its best to enable everyone who purchased tickets to attend, we encourage you to check your card for a refund and if you have the same issue, document it in the comments below so we can try and tell how many people have been affected.

This may be part of the process to move tickets from Sunday into the new venue, but it would seem it is creating an extra step on the part of the user, as most credit card processors will not allow recharging without interaction from the person who owns the money.

It’s a J.K. Rowling book release! It wouldn’t be the same without a leak of some kind!

  • Christine Rogers

    Actually (knock on wood), I’m shocked we don’t have any fake manuscripts circling yet…

  • Becca

    So they’re refunding people who haven’t asked for a refund? Bizarre since they said there’d be no refunds at all! These guys just don’t seem to be able to stop messing up…

  • sarah

    So far I am good, though the money hasn’t been taken from my credit card yet (still ‘pending’)

  • Chaya

    A refund for my tickets, which were purchased on September 10 was posted to my account today 9/12. The originally charge on 9/10 is still marked as pending, however, suggesting that they have refunded me an amount that has yet to be charged. This is just bizarre. Right now my bill looks as if JALC has credited me money without charging me.

    My guess is that they will need to reissue everyone’s tickets to accommodate the seat changes.

  • EssenceInsanity

    I got refunded, but the refund is listed before the actual charge, which makes no sense. Both went through on the 11th. I still haven’t received any sort of email from them regarding new seating.

    • Chaya

      Same thing happened to me with the refund going through before the charge. Not to worry, no emails have been sent yet

    • Katy

      Similar situation. Did you guys pay by debit card by any chance? Maybe they’ve already refunded/repurchased for debit card users?

      • Mandy

        They haven’t. I used a debit card. I’ve been refunded, but I haven’t received an email. I also haven’t been charged for the second ticket.

      • EssenceInsanity

        I did use a debit card. I think we need to give them a few days to get all this done before freaking out even more. There’s 1700 tickets to refund/recharge. It’ll take time.

  • Sam Permenter

    They’ve refunded my money and I’ve yet to get an email. I’m now starting to panic.

    • Chaya

      No emails have been sent yet. No need to panic.

    • Kassie King

      I’m in the same boat. I don’t think we should panic, yet. Let them to their thing, and if it’s been a few days, then call? Or if it would make you feel better, call now. But I just think they’re overwhelmed at the moment.

  • vaniasantana

    How about people who purchased tickets by phone and weren’t asked to leave an email address? This is just ridiculous!!!

    • sam

      I bought my ticket at the box office, no contact info needed either.. what about us?

    • CJ

      I know me too!!! I’m so confused… does this mean that they will call us? I was so excited about getting a ticket that I cant remember if I gave my phone number to them… I think I did, lol. But still… come on!

    • Megan Z.

      Same situation. Ordered tickets over the phone, the man on the line said he didn’t need my email. You were asked for your phone number, though, right? So they would have some way of contacting you. But I was nervous and called Lincoln Center. The woman who answered took down my email address (along with the rest of my information) and promised to pass it on.

  • Kat (MuggleNet Staff)

    My transaction is still pending, and no refund has showed up as of yet! I purchased on Sunday.

  • Antara Chowdhury

    Are only the people who bought tickets on Sunday being refunded, or is the same thing happening for people who bought tix on Monday?

    • Mandy

      Everyone. I purchased Monday and have been refunded.

  • Marcilia Loubach

    My transaction is also still pending. I bought mine on Monday, so hopefully it will be okay, and I will get similar seats to the ones I was assigned. Keeping Calm and Wand at the Ready…

  • Megan Z.

    I wasn’t asked for my email when I purchased tickets over the phone on Monday morning, and I was told I didn’t need to give my email or be sent a confirmation for the tickets. I was worried about not having proof of my purchase, but tried to relax since I was told that my credit card number could be used to confirm over the phone. Now that everything’s being handled through email, though, the worry is back. I just called Lincoln Center and explained the situation, and the woman who answered took down my name, email, phone, and address. She said she’d pass my information on to “the people who are making the calls.” So now I’m unsure about whether they’re calling or emailing everyone, but if anyone else was also told that emails were unnecessary, it might be worth calling just to be sure they have the right contact information. But please remain patient, calm, and polite to whoever answers the phone if you do call. Being aggressive with them doesn’t change the situation.

  • Kaitlin

    I ordered with my debit card on Sunday. I have not gotten a refund, email, or phone call. *panics*

  • Natalia Eskandari

    Just got off the phone with them, and they didn’t seem to have any straightforward answers. They said that they would be refunding tickets, and everyone will be contacted to repurchase tickets. Although, iI stil haven’t received an e-mail yet. Did anyone else?

  • Marcilia Loubach

    I just called and spoke to the same person I spoke with when I orginially bought the tickets on Monday. I told him I was not asked for my email and would lfeel better if he could add my email to my other information in the computer…which was all there…thank god. Anyways…he wasn’t too happy about doing it…seemed to think it was no big deal (AS IF???!!!)…but he finally took my email and added it to my account/order. He said that they are still figuring out what to do and that they would contact us with more inf. WTF? Seriously…this is ridiculous. I am going to have an ulcer and a heart attack before this is all over,

  • Gillian

    People at the box office didn’t give any information aside from credit card number. I called yesterday and the woman told me to email them my contact info but still that’s not reassuring to me.

  • Katy

    Does this only apply to credit card purchasers? Or debit and cash purchasers as well?

    • Mandy

      It sounds like it’s everyone, but I have no idea how they’ll contact the people who used cash.

  • Derek

    Had anyone been contacted yet?

  • Penny Theodorou

    Has anyone been contacted yet?

  • Kristin ♥ ϟ

    Did anyone ask if tickets would be the same price? Just curious!

  • julie mikesell

    its weird – my credit card is showing a refund but i dont see the charge for the original purchase. i purchased on-line monday afternoon….i have my email confirm from the original purchase – but still a little worried how all of this will be resolved. keeping my phone near and constantly checking email

    • Mandy

      Yesterday, my purchase and refund were showing up, but last night around 11, they both disappeared. I think as long as we have our confirmation numbers, we should be good.

      • julie mikesell

        that is what i’m hoping for…i live in California, and already booked a flight….still on pins and needles :(

  • Marcilia Loubach

    I have been refunded as of this morning. I bought tickets on Monday over the phone…now we wait for that blessed email, or phone call…I guess its sort of like waiting for your letter to Hogwarts..

    • Chris Wiacek

      Me too! I got refunded and everything, and am just waiting for a call…. So stressful! :(

      • Marcilia

        So what I’ve gather from other fans and attendees is that Lincoln Center/ David Koch theater will be calling all those that purchased tickets in the coming week. I know…it’s very stressful, and actually ridiculous that the venues haven’t put up any official notice on their sites.

  • Kristin ♥ ϟ

    My moms card didn’t show anything last night besides the original purchase but it still said pending. This was very late last night. Then just a few min ago I went on to check & it shows the payment to JALC went thru. I told her to bring the card to work to check the bank thats legit right there & see if they show different things. I think online updates slower or maybe it takes 2 days to show anything. I bought monday when the first online batch was posted at almost 11 am.

  • luckyleo81

    Leaky said that JALC would put the new information on their site but they have since put up the new layout and taken off any mention of the JK Rowling event. Does anyone know if they started contacting people yet? Are we being contacted by JALC people, David H. Koch Theater people, or just Lincoln Center people in general?

    • Marcilia Loubach

      There is nothing on the David H. Koch Theater site, and JALC has no mention of the event….Lincoln Center Scolded me today on Twitter for bringing them into the mess…They said to contact JALC, which I have…and they are still figuring it out. My card was pending, but this morning there was nothing there anymore…Tha’s all I can share for now.

  • Mon

    I don’t think JALC is handling it at all anymore. I just called the Koch theater, and the ticket office said that ALL JALC purchases would be refunded and that you shouldn’t see a charge until the Koch theater contacts you to repurchase. She also said this would take a few days before they start calling/emailing.

    • Mon

      Also, she said that they don’t know in what order (if any) they’ll be contacting people and that they have no way of guaranteeing similar seating. Which I think is fine, since it’s not like anyone paid extra for special seats.

  • Chris

    I wish this whole thing would just blow over and we could all have peace of mind knowing that it’ll all be okay and we’ll meet JK. Ah… this is so stressful waiting for a call about re-purchasing tickets! :( .

  • Marcilia

    Received an email yesterday asking me to email them my phone number for them to contact me. There was also a number you can call to give them your info. I called and sent them an email…just to be safe. The lady said that they are still getting organized and that she would be calling soon…so fingers crossed. Has anyone been contact to repurchase yet?

  • John Murphy

    I just got the call! They gave me my reassigned seating :) I ordered on Sunday night so maybe that has to do with why I’m one of the first.