Artemis Fowl Movie Will be Created by Disney


Big news was released this week that will please all the fans of the bestselling book series by author Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl. It is now known that the first two books will be combined into a live action film created by Walt Disney Studios.

The eight book series tells the story of a 12-year-old millionaire mastermind who creates a plan to capture a fairy in the hopes of finding his missing father and saving his family. There is one small twist though. The fairies that he is after are not the normal winged creatures that he is used to. They are super smart, highly trained in many forms of combat, and have a variety of special powers and weapons that give Artemis a run for his money.

The movie will be produced by Harvey Weinstein (Executive producer of Silver Linings Playbook) and directed by Michael Goldenburg (Screenplay writer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). In addition, Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal have joined the film as executive producers. In the press release that hit the internet this past Thursday, Weinstein stated:

If you would have told me five years ago I would be producing a project with Disney I would have thought you were crazy. I feel as though everything is coming full circle considering Bob DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal brought me this book while I was still at Miramax and within hours I told them I wanted the rights to the film.

No further information about a release or start of production date has been announced.

Are you guys excited to finally see this book come alive in a movie?


  • redwall_hp

    Wow, they’re actually still trying to do this. I remember hearing about the film rights being optioned years ago—before the fourth book was released. I was excited about it back then, then disappointed when nothing became of it. (Something I’ve become used to as many series I’ve enjoyed over the years have been optioned, only to end up in Development Hell.)

  • Eliza

    I really hope this gets rolling and is a great movie! Crossing my fingers.