American X-Factor Premieres

Tonight saw the two-hour series premiere of one of the season’s most eagerly awaited new talent competitions. The X-Factor, dubbed “The Idol Killer” by some is the latest brainchild of world-renowned music producer, talent scout and “Idol grouch” Simon Cowell. After Cowell’s highly-publicized departure from American Idol, many tuned in to The X-Factor just to see what he had up his sleeve.

The X-Factor’s premise, while similar to Idol’s, differs in several key ways. The show accepts a wider age range, allowing younger hopefuls like eighth grader and fan favorite Rachel Crow (age 13) to audition.

Contestants’ fates are determined by four judges, producer L.A. Reid, british recording artist Cheryl Cole (who will be replaced later in the season by Nicole Scherzinger), pop sensation and former American Idol judge Paula Abdul and the show’s creator Simon Cowell.

Unlike Idol, where auditions are held behind closed doors for the judges’ ears only, X-Factor contestants sing for an entire stadium, adding to the drama and overall emotion.

Tonight’s episode featured highlights from the Los Angeles auditions which took place in May. Upcoming episodes will feature auditions from Chicago, Newark, Miami, Dallas and Seattle.

The winner of The X-Factor will receive a $5 million recording contract and the unique chance at fame that only Simon Cowell can provide.

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  • Will The X-Factor become the phenomenon that Idol became?
  • WHAT was with Siamese?!
  • ctblubird

    The X Factor reminded me of another show on television…uhhh…the name will come to me in a minute, I’m sure.
    Just kidding about not knowing the name of American Idol, but not kidding about the similarities. With the exception of the X Factor opening the auditions up to singing groups and singers of all ages, it’s pretty much the same show. They have those people who just want to be on television sprinkled in with the talented individuals that are trying to live their dream. The background stories will tug at your heartstrings and the horror auditions will make you gag, cover your ears, and cringe with embarrassment. They even parallel AI with a good looking male host to usher the guests on an off stage. The funny thing about that was I didn’t realize he was there until midway through the show!
    You even have some familiar faces from AI on X…Simon & Paula! I am wondering why X is going with the four judges when it so painfully didn’t work on AI. I don’t see it working here either. I loved the peek-a-boo judge, Cheryl (I think that’s what her name was). She was on for the first city and then replaced by Nicole S. If you didn’t realize that, no worries…they look so much alike I’m sure a lot of people didn’t note the change. Her name wasn’t even in the closing credits.
    The prize is much bigger on this show: $5 million recording contract. I think this is why you are seeing more seasoned performers than those you see on AI. There was definitely a range of performers from those with no experience to those who had experience in front of an audience. Which brings me to one of the major differences between the shows: on X, you audition in front of a live audience in a big arena. Simon believes this can make all the difference in an audition. I agree with him.
    I was disgusted with the person who thought dropping his drawers in front of the camera would get him on tv….oh wait, it did! I guess I’m more disgusted that the producers aired the segment so they could spread the disgust to millions rather than limit it to those in the arena. I honestly can’t believe security did not get him off the stage. I thought there were laws against public exposure? Wasn’t Jim Morrison hauled out of New Haven for that? Paula had to leave and vomit. Maybe a little dramatic, but it made a point. I really hope they are not relying on shock value auditions. That would make me turn the channel. I will give them one more chance because they are new…sort of.
    As always, loved Paula and Simon. LA Reid, was good. I respect his opinion. Not sure why Nicole is there. I like her, but not sure if she is needed.
    Bottom line, it’s the same show as AI only on a bigger stage. I can see myself watching it and getting vested in the performers as I do with AI. At the moment, I think it will stay on the air because of Simon and Paula. Time will tell if the quality of performers will keep it on the air.