‘American Horror Story’ Season 3


After much deliberation and speculation, the subtitle for season 3 of American Horror Story has been revealed. The Huffington Post confirms with Ryan Murphy that season 3 will be subtitled as ‘American Horror Story: Coven’.

‘Coven’ will focus on witches,  a fact long-anticipated by the ‘American Horror Story’ community since Season 2 Episode 10, when ‘I Put a Spell On You’ (Screamin Jay Hawkins) plays on the juke box at Briarcliff for Jessica Lange’s character Jude. Ryan Murphy says that season 3 will center around Lange’s character, describing her as a “glamor cat.”

At least part of season 3 will take place in New Orleans, exploring the witch plotline, and promises more “doozy locales” like The Murder House or Briarcliff Manor from previous seasons.

Among Jessica Lange, several other actors have been confirmed for ‘Coven’ including some returning faces from seasons 2 and 3, along with Academy Award winner, actress from ‘Misery’, big fan of the show, and long-time friend of Lange, Cathy Bates.

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What do you think of the new title and plot focus on witches? Are you excited? And what about Cathy Bates and the returning cast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Iris

    Really intrigued with what time era they’ll go for this time and whether they’ll stick with the heavy horror of ‘Asylum’ or go a big lighter like Season 1. Pleased to see Taissa back, her acting in the first season was phenomenal :)

  • Tiff

    Thanks for sharing the news Amanda! I actually really like the new title and the idea that the season will focus on witches! I’m excited to see what they plan on doing this time around, especially with Kathy Bates! I’m sure it’ll turn out great just like the past seasons, so I’ll definitely make sure to keep my eyes peeled for the premiere date. I won’t be able to keep up live though, since I have a late work schedule at DISH, but I will record the series. Luckily I do have a DISH Hopper and can store 2,000 hours of entertainment, so whenever this does air, I’ll thankfully have plenty of room to record it among all of my other shows in the future; I can’t wait!