AMC Releases Teaser for The Walking Dead Season 4B

Managing Editor

Get your crossbows and katanas ready: The Walking Dead will be back in a few weeks, and AMC has released a teaser for the show’s return.

The trailer – entitled “Don’t Look Back” – has spoilers for the midseason finale. So if you aren’t caught up, don’t click play. If you are, then click play and prepare to watch it over and over again.

Man, this show never disappoints in its choice of trailer music; this cover of “Bad Moon Rising” needs to get on my iPod ASAP.

Its nice to hear Rick saying “they’re not too far gone,” a phrase that works on multiple levels. It’s a shout out to the title of the midseason finale, as well as the title of one of its graphic novels. If you follow the comics, then you’ve probably guessed where the show is headed next, and the graphic novel in question relates to that upcoming arc. On the character level, it’s a good sign for Rick fans. I’ve spent most of this hiatus concerned that we would be back to square one with GhostSeeingGuiltRiddenCrazyFarmerRick after the most recent losses, and I really did not want that again. Hopefully his responsibilities to Carl and survival will keep him from wandering down the “give up” path once more.

Of course, we’re also currently stuck with a post-Hershel’s farm scenario where everyone is split up again, but I’m banking it doesn’t last. The show works best when its ensemble gets to play off of one another, and AMC knows it.

Then again, the midseason premiere is being directed by makeup FX lead Greg Nicotero and written by Robert Kirkman – both of whom find solace in our pain; it’s all very possible that the return of the show will be just as emotional as the finale. Hooray.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 9th at 9PM EST, later followed by an all-new Talking Dead.